Notes 2 Inspire: How Quick Do You Recover?

Life’s a roller coaster! I swear, good stuff happens and then sometimes it feels like in the next second something is ripped from me or goes so wrong. For example, I was enjoying the high I received while at the bliss project with Lori Harder. And then, I came home and found out that an email did kick off the way it was supposed to. And, that email was to go out to a ton of people who had just signed up for information. I was annoyed, bummed, frustrated and could feel this overwhelming urge to just lose it all. To go to that feeling that “nothing” goes “right.” Are you with me? Have you been there?

Well, I took a moment and got some real perspective. It’s an email. And, sure that email and most emails are important for my business to continue to run, for me to pay my bills and more importantly to continue to do what I love which I feel is my purpose. But, I’m not a heart surgeon. I can be “late” on this. AND! The reality is no one knew (until now) that I was late.

I’m sharing this story with you because it is so important that we recognize that the stuff is gonna hit the fan. And, more often than we want. But, it is in balance. And, if we take stock of the situation and focus on moving forward we will have more time to enjoy the good stuff that is happening. If I had gone to that place of feeling like nothing goes right I would have probably started to list all the things in the past week, month, year that had not gone right. Omitting all the stuff that had gone right or better than I could have imagined. Forgetting all the things that didn’t go as planned but in fact, went better!

Feeling your feelings is important! But, letting them take the driver seat and going on a detour from your path just means that it’ll take you longer to get to the good stuff. I’ve listened to many people interviewed and they all shared stories about how a quicker recovery was integral to their success. Actor Vince Vaughn shared on a podcast with Tim Ferris that if he didn’t get a part he would take a whole week off. But that week really turned into two weeks because it would take him a few days to get back in the groove. Two weeks less spent towards rocking his goals.

Things won’t go your way all the time. That is a guarantee. But, how quickly you recover will guarantee you getting to your good stuff!

So, this week, how quickly will you recover?

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