Notes 2 Inspire: Getting Comfortable with Discomfort

I heard Tony Robbins share this, “the quality of your life is determined by the level of uncertainty you can live with.” Gonna get honest with you. Ten years ago I would have rolled my eyes at that. Actually, maybe 12 years ago I would have. Because ten years ago, during a recession, I quit my bi-monthly paycheck with benefits, vacation time and commission to be a Pilates instructor. Yep, during a time when people were canceling their water deliveries, cable, gym memberships and more I decided to go into a business that is still seen as a luxury for many. Pilates.

Was I freaked out…sure! I thought I knew where my life was going. I was certain the life I was going to live was one filled with travel, jewelry, great persons and fashion. But, that’s the thing about the universe. She likes to be the one in charge. And, so instead of continuing down the path, I knew I chose the door that opened and shined a light on me.

See, I couldn’t know what was to come because I had no clue what the Pilates world was. Just that I loved doing Pilates and I was being called. That calling was towards my purpose. The path I thought I was so certain about was getting more and more negative and comfortable. I could absolutely have stayed and gone around the circle of fun, fashion and nasty. Or, I could go to the path of uncertainty yet attractiveness.

Over the last decade anytime I felt like I knew what was ahead of me I would see two doors. One door was what I thought I knew. The guarantee. The other door was uncertainty and the gamble.

The walk of the same isn’t awful. It has its highs and lows just like all of life. But, the walk of same is a guarantee, you know what’s going to happen, you know the end to that story. It’s safe and sometimes necessary. But, behind the door of uncertainty is growth, your next level and the treasure of getting past the fear of the unknown.

When setting this years goals, this month’s intentions and what I’ll be doing tomorrow the more I lean into what feels uncertain the more I know I’m doing my purpose. It’s not the easiest choice. But it’s the one that lights my soul!

This week, in just one area, where can you go towards uncertainty?


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