Notes 2 Inspire: Falling Happens

I fell yesterday. And, not a little slip and fall. Nope, a full-on flying of my 5’9″ body across an intersection and then a skid landing. I must say I’m so happy I do Pilates. This body did hold everything together well. I think my body was in full “swan” position. And, honestly, aside from some bruises the hardest part was getting back on the scooter that flung me off in the first place.

Think back to the last time you fell in public. Getting up was probably something you did as quickly as you could. Falling is embarrassing. But, getting back on your own two feet and taking the next step. That’s where things get a little weary. We wonder if we can trust the feet we stand on? Will we fall again? Did anyone notice? What will they think?

Falling physically is a fabulous example for life’s adventures. For the “risks” in the choices, we have to make daily. Do we do the thing we’ve done before knowing the result we will get or do we do the thing we haven’t done that may or may not work out?

And, here’s the thing. As someone who has fallen both physically and metaphorically speaking, I can’t tell you what decision to make. But, I can tell you that most of the time no one is paying that close attention. Most people even if they saw you fall just go on with their life. And, a year from now won’t even remember the fall they saw.

So, do the thing you haven’t tried! Give it a whirl. If you fall, try again. I don’t know many people who learned how to ride a bike without falling a few times.

This week, worry less about “what if you fall” and think more about what if you land!


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