Notes 2 Inspire: Do You Keep Running into a Wall?

Hitting your head against a wall?  Turn around.

I swear when I heard that I laughed out loud. It was quite a serious moment in the person’s speech and I broke the moment of truth with a laugh.

Because think about it, how many times have you been banging down a wall expecting that hit to be the one to open up the keys to the kingdom only to finally see the door to the right or left or just behind you?

I fly often and one of the things they say on every flight that no one is listening to is “be aware that the nearest exit might be behind you.”

We get so focused on what’s in front of us that we think that we have to move forward to move forward but sometimes there’s a nearer route right behind you.

So, this week if you bang your head then try turning around and open the door!


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