Notes 2 Inspire: Choose Your Independence Day

I am writing this birthday of the United States. A day known as Independence day here where I live most of the time. This holiday is one full of memories for me. As a child, my family made it to baseball games to watch the fireworks. As an adult, I have found myself surrounded by my local “family.” But, this holiday is more than fireworks for me. On this holiday 11 years ago I moved to Los Angeles.

I’ll never forget that night, driving up the 405 North with the last of my belongings to my new home in LA. Fireworks going off everywhere my eyes could see. I knew that the decision to move to LA was integral in what was next in my life. I didn’t really know then what was to come. But, I was desiring change and for the universe to show me what was next and when my gut said move to LA I made that happen.

Moving to LA was just the start and my Pilates teaching journey birthed from it. I can honestly say if I hadn’t discovered Pilates when I did I not only wouldn’t be where I am today I wouldn’t be with who I am today. Pilates not only was part of my destiny it is the thread that gave me my friends, whose friends gave me the introduction to my now husband.

That move to LA on the celebration day of Independence was also my day of Independence. I was going rogue from the typical journey. The plan that most college graduates could go. Even against what my bosses at the time thought my journey should be.

Today, well, when you read this, yesterday, is another year of independence for me. A new one! I can’t tell you yet what exciting new part of my journey is happening but I can tell you that no matter what day you celebrate your independence the important thing is that you do! You, wherever you are in the gorgeous world can choose any day to be the day you decide to be you, do you and follow that voice inside!

Are you being called to do something, move somewhere, make a decision, change course, do something bold? I bet you are! And, I know it can be scary AF! But, I also know it’s exactly what you are supposed to do. Listen to your inner voice. 11 years later I am so glad I did.

This week, what will you do to hear that voice better?


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