Notes 2 Inspire: But, Is it Really Bad?

Life isn’t always magical stars, rainbows, and glitter. I wish it was but sometimes it can simply just suck! And, it’s easy to focus on the bad stuff and not see any of the good stuff. And, while I can sit here and talk about how you need to count your blessings. I think it could be more important and even more useful to talk about the bad stuff a little bit.

How do you know its bad?

Sometimes we don’t get what we want and so we think that it is bad. But, how do you know?

It feels bad in the moment because it wasn’t the result you wanted. However, if we could see into the future what we would probably find out is that what we first thought was bad was probably a gift for our future self in disguise.

I recently did a podcast interview where I talk about being homeless, carless and studioless just a little over five years ago. And now, today, I have my own studio, a fabulous husband, two homes and so much more than I could have imagined. But, at the moment it felt awful! Terrible! However, I decided it was meant to be. That it was setting me up for the future. I let the “bad” happen. And, it set up the foundation I needed for the good.

So, this week, when the “bad” stuff happens, just remember it’s setting you up for the good stuff you deserve. It’s paving a way!


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