Notes 2 Inspire: Be Flawesome!

Do you try hard to make sure to cover up your flaws? Maybe you edit or delete a post when you realize you made a typo? Or, do you find yourself turning read when you feel you made a mistake? What if you didn’t? What if instead of trying to only show the perfect you showed your flaws? What if you could be more flawesome?

This month I put the wrong year down in my newsletters not once, not twice but three times! The first time I said 2019 when I meant 2018. Then I said 2018 when I meant 2019. And, finally, I said 2013 when I meant 2019!

The first time I was so mad at myself and I wanted desperately to reach into the thousands of inbox’s my newsletter went to and fix it. The second time I was so frustrated…How could I do that twice? The third time I laughed out loud so hard I almost fell out of my chair.

All three times the mistake went mostly unnoticed. A few people wrote back to double check the correct date and that created conversations with those who receive my emails. Conversations I don’t usually get to have because sending newsletters can often feel like a one-way conversation.

And, all those mistakes, those “flaws” didn’t hurt anything. In fact, they made people see that in fact, I am human!

So, this week, show off your awesome flaws! I’ll show mine!

Here’s to a more flawesome year!


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3 thoughts on “Notes 2 Inspire: Be Flawesome!

  1. When I first saw the coined phrase ; ) “Flawsome” I put together flawless and awesome. I thought… ok, she’s a G and is challenging the community to aim high.

    I’m glad I read this blog, because now I get what your flawsome word means, and it’s absolutely flawless!!

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