Notes 2 Inspire: 3 Reasons Why

Have you ever started a project only to get halfway through and hit a roadblock? Or, maybe you got all the way to the very end of the project and found your efforts derailed?

I know I have found myself so excited about a project, goal, webinar or workshop and then found out how big the project is or hit a tech issue or some sort of barrier to completing my desire. There have been many times when that wall drops down and I’ve thought about quitting, postponing or just want to scream!

But, recently I started writing down three reasons why I want to do any new goal or project. Three reasons why this idea must come to fruition. Then when the going gets tough I simply pull out the original idea or goal and read the three reasons why I wanted to do this in the first place.

If I still believe in those reasons I find a solution rather quickly. The route might be different than I anticipated but the desire is still there. If I don’t have those reasons or the reasons no longer matter it lets me know that maybe this goal or project is not needed or necessary today. And, it’s always ok to check a goal off as finished if you no longer want or need it.

So, what are you working on? Or, what do you want to be working on? Maybe your goals for this year are getting off to a rough start. Write them down again and next to the goals/projects write three reasons why you want to do them.

What are your three reasons why?


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