To Niche or Not to Niche, That is the Question

I hear you! You are trying to grow your business, fill your classes and teach when you want to teach. You think that you can’t turn anyone away because it’s not like there’s a line around the corner, yet.

The trouble with not having a clear idea on who you are for, who your ideal clients are and what inspires you to do what you do is that you feel like you are getting nowhere fast. You’ll burn out or at the very least feel like you have a job but not a career.

We are so lucky to be able to teach Pilates. Not just because we help people but because there is a lot of flexibility (no pun intended) in Pilates. There are different styles you can teach, so many pieces of equipment and endless exercises and then you add the clients in. Clients are not all created equal. You’ve got healthy bodies, pre/post-natal, athletes, seniors, PT, women, men, children, those with specific needs and so much more. You can start out as a new teacher who is ready to teach almost any healthy body and then along your teaching journey you begin to find interests. Types of injuries, issues, conditions, goals that are calling to you. And, when they call it’s so important you answer.

I have met many a teacher who has spent hours taking continuing education in one area. For example, I have a friend who loves to run and has spent hours researching, studying and even presenting how Pilates effects runners. Over time her business has gone from teaching Pilates to the general public to 80% Pilates for runners. She is even more inspired now because she gets to talk and teach about what she loves every day.

When I first started coaching teachers on defining who their ideal clients were I would get these detailed lists. But, then the next day I would watch them accept any client that fit in their schedule. Only to hear them complain that they weren’t teaching what they really wanted to be teaching. Or, worse watch them deal with a client churn because eventually the client even subconsciously could feel that the teacher wasn’t into it.

Each time I would address an instructor about how they were not focusing in on attracting their ideal client their response was that they needed the clients. But, what they really needed was their ideal client. It’s exhausting to teach clients that you’re not the right teacher for. Think about it like dating. You wouldn’t go out on multiple dates for a lifetime with the wrong partner. So, why would a client stick with a teacher that wasn’t the right fit?

Can you in less that one minute describe who your ideal client is? How about what it is that you teach and why you are the teacher for them? Basically, Why you?

If you can then you are ready to Niche out! People think that by teaching a select population of people they will lose business but instead, I can promise you that in time you will be so busy because you will be the expert in that area and people will come far and wide for you. Instead of being the Jack of all Trades you will become known for what you love to teach. And, just so you know you can change your niche as you grow. Niches are not set in stone.

So, what interests you? What is your niche?

If you’re ready to define your Niche, Refine your Niche and Grow your business with your ideal client join me for this week’s webinar on July 6th 12 pm PST (or watch the replay until Sunday, July 9th 12 pm Pst). Register for your slot here and get ready to really attract your ideal client and grow your business and your teaching. Because the riches are in the niches my Pilates pros.


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