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First came my book Profitable Pilates: Everything but the exercises, then came one on one Pilates business coaching, Pilates business workshops, and the Profitable Pilates group. You have been enjoying the blog, and many of you have been asking for more. Since I have been unable to master teleportation I am using the wonders of technology to be with you, and you and yes, you! Wherever you are in the world at the same time. How? Webinars!

Why should you do this Webinar? While I have an online course and I can coach you one on one there is something uniquely special about having a set time and space to focus on you and your Pilates business. Joining a group of your peers provides support and accountability. You are not on an island of your Pilates business. Let’s gather up together and talk about what you are wanting more of, what you want less of and how you can have more time to do what it is you love to do: Teach Pilates.

2017 brings with it so much wonder and brightness. The year is our oyster, and it’s time we start cultivating some business Pearls together.  My first webinar on “Your Pilates business goals” is complimentary. Join your Pilates instructor peers and me for an hour of goal setting, complaint ditching and big time dreaming for your Pilates business. Sign up in advance to snag your spot. Yes, while the world web is wide I do have to limit our group size. The week prior I’ll send you all questions to ask yourself, chew on a bit and percolate. You can also send me any questions or concerns you have for the year ahead. Then on the webinar, we’ll talk about how to make these goals attainable and how to change our approach when it isn’t working. Lastly, I’ll be sharing my goals for 2017, with those on the webinar. Be the FIRST to know about some exciting opportunities you won’t want to miss out.

Future Webinars will discuss:

  • Pilates Studio Marking
  • How to convert First Time Clients
  • Class pass, discounts and special offers
  • Effective teaching skills for client retention
  • How to handle difficult discussions (cancellation policies, firing a client)
  • Filling your Pilates schedule
  • Charging what you are worth

and so much more!

Sign up here to reserve your spot for the first Profitable Pilates Webinar. I look forward to “seeing” you all there!


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