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Time certainly does fly when you are having fun! It’s been just over a week since I returned from this year’s Pilates Method Alliance conference in Phoenix, AZ. It did not disappoint. This year instructors from 28 countries dove into the Pilates workshops, a Halloween bash from Pilates Anytime and enjoyed a premiere of a new documentary celebrating Joseph Pilates.

With so much to share it is easier if we start at the beginning:

Anula Maiberg, Carrie Pages, Lesley Logan

Anula Maiberg, Carrie Pages, Lesley Logan

This year I arrived the day before the opening “Sip and Shop”. This gave me more time to enjoy the resort and see my favorite friends as they arrived. The PMA gathering really is a reunion for me and many of my instructor friends. This year was no different. Except that this year was the year I met some of my favorite online Pilates buddies IRL (in real life).

PMA and Mat class attendee

For over a year I have been enjoying the magnificent posts from Anula Maiberg of Sixth Street Pilates. If you haven’t had a chance to get to know the work she is rocking, it’s time you did. I also ran into the talented Carrie Pages, winner of this year’s “Next Pilates Anytime Instructor“.



Debora Kolwey and Lesley Logan

Day one of the conference started off with a welcoming meeting and recap of industry studies. Stay tuned for future info on what the PMA surveys discovered in 2017. Workshops and Mat classes filled the day for attendees including my first opportunity to teach a Mat class. In 2014 and 2015 I presented my business workshops. This year having the opportunity to teach mat classes to my peers was incredibly exciting!



Lesley Logan, Jessica Valant and Anula Maiberg


After the end of a very exciting day, we all ditched our spandex in exchange for Halloween costumes for the Pilates Anytime Halloween event! My friend Gia and I started off the Lip Sync Battle with the help of Wilson Phillips “Hold On”. Then it was time to celebrate Carrie Pages joining the Pilates Anytime family and hang out with all the ghosts, goblins, a Ladder Barrel (yes, a fantastically created ladder barrel costume only a Pilates instructor would love), a couple of Unicorns, and yes, even Elvis arrived.

Carrie Samper, Sue Spinelli and Lesley Logan

Day 2 arrived before we knew it and with a very interesting morning discussion about Growth Opportunities in our industry that carried over thru lunch. I really love that the PMA hosted opportunities like these for studio owners and instructors to get advice on their growing businesses. It was on this day that the PMA announced this years nominees for the Board of Directors. I am excited to share that I am one of the two nominees. If you are a PMA member be sure to vote for this years addition and also those who are up for re-election. In the afternoon I taught another mat class and then it was time for us all to get ready for the big premiere!



@Erinrantapilates and Lesley after Mat Class PMA 2016


Lesley Logan, Anula Maiberg and Amy Havens

We grabbed popcorn, food truck dinners, and drinks and took our seats to watch the latest documentary about Joseph Pilates. “Tribute to Joseph Pilates” is now available for you to enjoy. I highly recommend it. The producers did a terrific job interviewing Elders, proteges, and people who have done incredible amounts of research into who Joseph Pilates was and how is method came to be. Tears were flowing as the credits rolled.


Our time at the PMA ended too quickly. I would have loved to have had at least one or two more days to spend with my new and old friends. I am happy to share that at this PMA I did a shoot with Pilates Style Magazine for a 2017 issue. Stay tuned for more info on that. For now here is a mini sneak peak with my friend and PS Editor Bambi Abernathy!

Bambi McMillen Abernathy and Lesley Logan PilatesStyle Photobooth

Pilates Nerd Hundred-ish Sweatshirt


Before I could get on my flight home I of course had to hit up the shopping floor. Thank you ToeSox and PilatesNerd for helping me overstuff my luggage. I highly recommend you surf on over to their sites for some awesome Pilates gifts before the holidays are here!


Toe Sox and Tavi Noir

For more on my latest PMA adventures check out my “Notes 2 Inspire”.  Join me and my PMA friends next year in Palm Desert.






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