Instructor Workshops, Retreats, and One-to-One Training Opportunities Are Next for Lesley Logan

In this third and final interview of a 3-part blog series, Lesley Logan, author of Profitable Pilates, offers advice to new and experienced Pilates instructors for growing their business and what comes next for Lesley Logan and Profitable Pilates.

What are you excited to launch/explore/do in the next phase of your business? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’m really excited that I get to spend more time this year producing mini- and long workshops—both online and in person for Pilates instructors. I think about all the questions that Pilates instructors ask about running their own business, and I want to provide answers to those questions. This year my focus is all about creating content for teachers to be successful.

I’m also working on planning instructor retreats in 2017. I want to offer instructors retreats at a beautiful, relaxing space where they can come and unplug and recharge, regardless of their level of experience. These retreats will allow instructors to come together and dive in and hone in on perfecting their business skills. Participants will be encouraged to come with their questions, their concerns, and by the end of the weekend, they will leave the retreat with their own personalized plan.

Every teacher is unique and has her own goals. That’s what I love about Pilates. There is a client for any time of the day you want to teach. Maybe you want to teach just while your children are in school during the day. Or you are someone who loves to wake up early and who offers classes to corporate clients early in the day so that you can finish by noon. Maybe you are attending school during the day and would prefer to teach at night. Regardless of your need, I’m designing the retreats to support each type of teacher.

Many instructors are fearful of the “business” part of running a Pilates business. They don’t realize that they already possess all the skills that they need to run a successful business. If you can teach Pilates, you can run a business.

I’ll be uploading several new workshops per month to my website. And I will continue to have individual coaching calls with studio owners as well as instructors.

I’ve started offering instruction via Skype as well, especially to help instructors create their own personal elevator speech about their business. I work with instructors to help them talk about how and what they do so that they catch the attention of others who may become clients.

As for the next five years, I really would love to be spending my time and my days traveling to studios and working one on one with instructors, helping them grow their teaching skills, their business, honing their client relationships, understanding how they can better work with them—to not only attract them, but also retain them as a standing, consistent, long-term client. Those workshops can only be done in person. If I can work one on one with instructors, I can help them strengthen their teaching skills, so that they can teach forever!

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I really love when teachers reach out. Bombard me with questions! Every teacher is an inspiration to me. It’s a beautiful thing to work with teachers who are just starting out as well as those who have been teaching for 30+ years. I really want to help teachers become as successful as they can be.

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