Gratitude 2016: What Are We Thankful for This Year?

While most are busy enjoying CyberMonday sales, I want to thank you first for taking time away from the holiday hustle and bustle to read this post. I feel it is important to stop and take a look back over the year or even years and say thank you to those who have helped guide me to where I am today. When I first decided to make this week’s blog about gratitude, I was picturing me walking the red carpet to the Oscar stage, showing up in a beautiful dress, and pulling out a piece of paper with my long list of those to thank. I would talk above the music as it tried to play me off the stage. Alas, as I write this I am not on an Oscar stage nor am I wearing a beautiful ball gown. But, I am in a pretty rockstar winter vest, and I still have a list of important people and moments to thank.

Here we go in no particular order I am grateful for…

YOU Pilates instructors- you give it your all to your clients day in and day out. You want so badly to be spending time doing what you love—teaching Pilates. You inspire me to do more and more each day! Joseph Pilates for his crazy ideas and dedication even obsession with his work. If it wasn’t for him, I have no idea what I would be doing!

I am grateful to my mentor Sandy Shimoda, Jay Grimes, and their visions that encourage me to be a better teacher and to dive deeper into the work consistently.

I am grateful to my husband who listens to every idea I have—good or bad—and helps me bring it to life better than I could have dreamed it up.

I am grateful to my partners in Pilates crime Jeni DelPozo, Julie Driver, Pilates Anytime, and Arlene Taus Soloman.  Jeni and I started Pilates Day Retreats together, and I couldn’t do them without her. Julie and I met in 2014 thanks to; she kicked my butt in this workout, and almost two years to date I filmed my class. Julie has been such a rock and cheerleader of Profitable Pilates and me. Thanks to Pilates Anytime for bringing great Pilates to the world and showcasing teachers like me! I met Arlene because of our love for Pilates and Vintage Pilates’ dedication to spreading Joe’s word. She and I are bringing a Pilates retreat to her beautiful studio in Maui, and I couldn’t be more grateful to her for all the awesomeness she is.

I could go on and on with more grateful moments and people. But, I wanted to showcase some unique people I know and have met on Instagram. Check out what they are grateful for and share your gratitude with our readers and us in the comments below!

  • @westwoodpilates is grateful for the amazing teachers we get to share our space with and our clients who trust us and give us the opportunity to work and learn from them each week.
  • @itsyouinthemoon our SuperStars!
  • alinepilatesnyc Opened a studio in Brooklyn just this July. I’m grateful for awesome teachers and a full house or lovely hard working clients!!
  • live2thrive.pilates Always good to be grateful I am SO grateful for the ability to move with ease and comfort. PLUS I’m blessed to help others develop movement with ease and comfort, free from pain ❤️
  • thecoremethod Grateful to be alive and helping others look and feel good for over 25 yrs. Also grateful for a beautiful family and good friends! Thankful for your posts Happy Thanksgiving!
  • @corepowerpilates  Hi Logan, happy Thanksgiving! I’m Amy. I’m originally an optometrist. I have scoliosis and Pilates helped me so much to alleviate pain from hunching over at work with scoliosis. I am so thankful to follow my passion for Pilates, to help myself and to have trained in NY traveling from Sydney. I started a home studio this year and have dreams to move to commercial. It’s challenging, but I am grateful for each challenge to be a learning opportunity to improve, grow. Thanks for listening, Amy
  • @erinrantapilates as cheesy as it sounds I’m thankful for health! Had some medical stuff in 2015 and came out stronger than ever!


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