3 Ways to Get More Comfortable Selling Pilates with You

Two weeks ago I posted “Why It’s Hard for you to Sell Pilates.” I wanted to follow up with some tips you can do today to make the process easier, more comfortable and less “sales-y.” For more help on getting new clients to purchase, client retention and marketing be sure to check out our one on one coaching, webinars, and past blogs. As promised here are some tips to help you get comfortable “selling” Pilates:

As promised here are some tips to help you get comfortable “selling” Pilates:

Focus your Marketing on your Ideal Client

Whom are you for? What are types of clients do you want to teach Pilates? If you know whom you are for you can direct your marketing towards the client that is looking for you! Starbucks is aiming to get coffee drinkers to shop at their stores. They don’t advertise to Pepsi customers. They target only their audience with the info they need to make purchasing coffee with them easy.

Share Who you are with your Future Clients

Blog or mini blog on Instagram: Allow prospective clients to explore who you are as a teacher. Most decisions are made before coming to your door. They’ve been searching for a Pilates instructor in their area, and if you have a website then they found you! They can read your blogs, go through pictures and testimonials. If they are looking for a particular teacher and it’s you then 60% of the decision to buy Pilates with you is made when they pick up the phone (or write the email) to set up a session. That’s gotta take a load off your shoulders right there! Then all you have to do is allow them to feel Pilates in their body and hand you the payment to continue the relationship. For more on converting first-time clients join me on my webinar or enjoy this course at your convenience.

If you’re shy or find it hard to articulate in person the words to get clients to do Pilates with you, then I highly recommend you dive into the beauty that is the internet to show off who you are and what clients you are the best instructor for. Blogging, Instagramming, Vlogging going LIVE on social channels and saving those videos to your website allow future clients to see you in action. Allowing you and your expertise to shine. You have the freedom and the time to make sure your exact message is out there.

Get Your Wolf Pack Together

Do you know the people in your life that get excited about what you are doing? Who can you share what Pilates with you is like and the types of clients you are instructing? They can promote you this isn’t necessarily other Pilates teachers, but it can be. If people know what you do and whom your for they can refer you, people. See Blog blah blah. Future clients LOVE referrals. Keep them posted on all things you are doing. But, don’t forget to promote them too! It’s a wolf pack, you all gotta stick together.

Selling Pilates is not gross. It doesn’t make you a fraud. And guess what? If you don’t get people to give you money for Pilates sessions, then you don’t have a business. Homework: Tell me in the comments or privately what about getting clients to buy Pilates from you is the most difficult? Whom are you for? Who is your wolfpack?


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2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Get More Comfortable Selling Pilates with You

  1. Defining who I am is so complex as a trainer: I work within the scope of classical Pilates but also integrate Franklin Method, Feldenkreis as well as other modalities. I’ve found pin pointing my target market difficult. As of now, I see myself working with people of like mind like me: utilizing pilates to rehab and compliment their everyday lives— to bring awareness to their mind, heart, body and soul. I don’t know who my wolf pack is. My current client roster is not so grandiose as of now and ranges from 22-50 yr old. My space is so peaceful energy wise and safe. I guess it’s lack of focus for my vision within my creation of my business and studio.

    • Hi P, Thank you for reading and for commenting. You are not alone! There are many instructors out there who feel the same way. 1) You told me a bit about who you are just now as a Pilates instructor. Practice saying how you incorporate those methods as a Pilates instructor into a quick, concise sentence or two you can say confidently. 2) Your wolf pack is not necessarily clients. My wolf pack includes my hubby, three instructors, a trainer, my parents and three friends. 3) you’ve got clients! Yay! Celebrate that and focus on giving them what they need so they tell their friends about your awesomeness. You are on the right track…just keep refining. It’s like a Pilates practice always refining. xx~LL

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