Social Media… What should you do right now?

Social Media is not going away. So yes, you need it! But, do you need all of it? No. You don’t need every single form of Social Media that is available today. What you should do (and can do for nothing but your time) is reserve your name on all the popular forms of social media.

Stop dragging your feet and protesting. Even if your client base is over 60, you need to get on the social media bandwagon. When you do, you’ll be thrilled you took the time today to reserve your Twitter handle, Instagram, Facebook and website names. If your business is called “Perfect Pilates, ” and you wait until you’re ready it may be too late! You don’t want to end up being Perfect Pilates1 online. Because, when people Google you (and they will) they’ll all go to Perfect Pilates instead.

Today, step 1, reserve your names. You don’t even have to know what you’re doing. May’s PPG call will be about Social Media. Stay tuned I’ll be teaching a 3-hour seminar on Social Media!

Tomorrow, a few months from now, whenever you’re ready you can take your profiles public. Your future clients are going to find you through these platforms. The largest growing demographic on social media is consumers between 45-55. Today more consumers are likely to buy what they have been referrals to. Your social media pages serve as an online referral. It is the new “word of mouth” advertising.

Be ready for May’s group call by having all your handles/names in place. We’ll get down and dirty with tweeting, posts, and hashtags!


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