Your Busy-ness is Bad for Your Business

It seems like whenever you ask someone how they are doing they somehow insert how “busy” they are. They use busy as why they can’t hang out with you. They are too busy for Pilates. Teachers and studio owners are too busy to do the work to get new clients but not teaching enough or making the money they want to make. Being “busy” is not just an excuse for why you’re not in contact with people. It’s now this badge of honor that somehow to make people feel proud of. I mean, if you’re busy you must be doing something right, right?


Being Busy is actually impacting you more than your personal life. Sure, you’re sooo busy you can’t see your friends. But, that probably means a lot of other things are falling to the way side. And, worse, you are most likely wasting time. Afterall, studies show we take as much time to do a task as we give it.

Wondering if your busy is affecting your business?

Do you find yourself do all the things all of the time? Multi-tasking is also a new badge of honor in the self-employed world. But, here’s the deal, the data is in, we cannot multi-task. It’s better for you to do one thing at a time. I know, you’re list is long. But, for one week give single tasking a try. See if you feel less stressed and more productive.

Are you trying to do too many things? We often overestimate what we can do in a day an underestimate what we can do in a year. So, give things time to do them right the first time.

Do you think that being busy equals being successful? Truth is, being a master of your own time means being truly successful!  I was listening to a podcast with the uber-successful entrepreneur Caterina Fake. She manages her time ferociously. She even has a list she calls WNO-when next online. So, instead of hopping on the internet whenever she has the urge to look something up or she remembers something she has to do. She writes it in her journal and does it during her blocked out time. This allows her to spend more time working on her ideas, growing her business and reading.

I know, you have a lot to do. You are the teacher, the accountant, the marketer, the blogger, the newsletter writer, the scheduler, a partner and/or parent and friend. You’re busy! But, I don’t want you to be busy doing busy work. I don’t want you sweating the small stuff. I don’t want you to start working on your admin and before you know it 3 hours have gone by.

My desire for you is to be the master of your schedule. To be in charge of when you teach, make the most of the time when you admin and put yourself first. When your cup is full you can pour into others. But, when you are so busy your cup is shaking and vibrating it’s spilling the goodness that is you and not actually helping anyone.

If you’re looking for tips on how to be ferociously in charge of your time and actions and implementations for self-care I’ll be sending those tips in my next newsletter. If you’re on the list you’ll be getting them. For now, I want you to take a good hard look at how busy you are. Is it working for you?



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3 thoughts on “Your Busy-ness is Bad for Your Business

  1. I so hear you on this Lesley. And at the same time, I regret that people are not more honest, with themselves primarily, and of course with me. I’ve developed a little allergy towards the saying…”I’ll get back to you” or “I’ll be in touch” because 9/10 times, they don’t. Which is why I so appreciated your advice to follow up without feeling like an imposition. And to keep following up until you get a binding answer. I always was one to follow up but backed off probably too soon. I try to avoid having anyone leave my studio without me knowing when I’ll see them next or what the next step actually is. When people say “I’m too busy..” what I really hear is “I’m too busy for you”, which is a little hurtful in the first instance if I consider the person important. But what I’ve come to understand is, the person isn’t “ready” (for this) because it is not yet a priority in their lives. What can you do? We all go through crazy phases of life and sometimes we really are challenged with our time management. When some people say…”I wish I found you sooner” I say, “you probably weren’t ready for me then” because you only see what you know until you’re ready to see and hear something else…sorry if I’m too abstract…but I thought you might like this read all the same. All the best to you Lesley, you’re doing phenomenal work:) cheers Danielle

    • Hi Danielle, first, thank you so much for reading my blog and sharing this with me. Have you ever read the 4 Agreements? It’s so important that you do not ever take anyone rejecting Pilates as a personal slight. They are not your person or they are not your person yet. My husband and I are an amazing team. But, we both know that had we met even a year before we did we would have never ever dated each other. We were not ready to see what it is we needed and we weren’t ready for each other yet. We still had work to do. Regarding your website, what would you like my team to look at? We are happy to help. The best way is to email it to me xx~LL

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