Pilates for the Future (Meaning… Kids!)

Pilates for the future, now more than ever, is the perfect time to think about adding kids to your client base. Most kids are not receiving the daily recommended physical activity. Some studies suggest that less than 3% of kids are engaged in the daily recommended activity.

I bet that you already have a fantastic client base, and I will bet some of those clients have kids.

In our current world, movement and health are more valuable than ever. Teach kids permission to get creative with your teachings. It also requires us to step outside our comfort zone and reach out to parents. Could you encourage them to get their kids moving?

Where do I start?

What do I need to know about teaching kids?

How do I plan a class for kids?

The best part about this is that you already have all the skills. Here is your chance to create something new and something meaningful that can impact a whole generation.

The first thing you need to get clear about is – why do you want to teach kids? What role do you want to play? What do you want the kids to learn and take away from the class? These are essential questions to ask yourself to get very clear about what to create. Some things to think about are engagement, accessibility, inclusion, and movement. The second thing you will need to consider is educating yourself on physical literacy. Kids are not just little adults; they are growing and changing individuals that require special considerations.

How do you educate yourself? How do you know what to create? Don’t worry, I’ve created a workshop just for you where we talk about resources and education opportunities on physical literacy.

Now the FUN begins; you will learn about FUN-damentals, Pilates, and how to bridge the gap to join the two together in a fun and exciting way. You will also learn about how to structure a class, relate to kids, and creative tools and tips to keep them coming back for more. Teaching children is an absolute joy and a responsibility that you should not take lightly. However, you also have a unique opportunity to influence our youth, so they fall in love with the movement and be lifelong movers.

I will also discuss special considerations, classroom management, and fun themes to incorporate into a session.

You will also receive your very own Kids Class Planner to help you get started and guide you on this journey.

If you think it is time to expand your business, I promise you will never regret teaching kids! I always learn so much more from them than I could ever teach them. And as Joseph Pilates said, “First, educate the child.”

Click here for the PILATES FOR THE FUTURE workshop.

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2 thoughts on “Pilates for the Future (Meaning… Kids!)

  1. Amy Rost’s article, Pilates for the future (Meaning…Kids!), is such a captivating article and so thoroughly written. Being a first grade teacher for twenty years, I am so impressed with how Amy thought about everything! Her academic vocabulary extended beyond Pilates and into the language educational classroom teachers use! Amy’s article is the voice of every teacher worried about her students getting enough movement, especially with distance learning happening and PE classes aren’t happening, due to covid. Amy covers the Why, When, Where, and Wonder of it all! I may be too generous with that last statement…the truth is…her article definitely inspires and motivates the reader to answer those questions for themselves and their Pilates business.
    This article is well worth the time to read! Enjoy!

    • Lisa, thank you so much for reading Amy’s blog. I couldn’t agree more and we are so excited to host her blog and course on this subject! Imagine a world where kids had strength and awareness of all they can do inside and out? Also, so much gratitude to you and every school teacher out there. You all do so much with so little and truly impact the most important. xx~LL

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