How Attractive are You?

Yes, I am a Pilates business blogger. No, this blog post isn’t about your personal looks. But, I used to write dating blogs and give out dating advice. And, the truth is a lot of that advice crosses over to running your Pilates business. So, before you roll your eyes or think this isn’t the advice for you don’t swipe left just yet! Stay with me and see if any of these tips help your business get more looks, hits and if there was an app for finding a Pilates studio some swipe rights.

  1. Photos– in the past I have discussed googling yourself and your studio and seeing what comes up. Take a look at your photos. Are they showing off the ideal clients you want to come in for sessions? Are they showing off the experience? What do these photos say about you? Update all your photos to show off what you want to be known for!
  2. Video– people love seeing the real, the raw and what the experience will be. Set up a tripod or have a fellow instructor shoot some less than minute videos that introduce your style of teaching, your studio and you to your ideal client
  3. Less is more– about pages, rate pages, bio’s short and sweet. What do they need to know today to get into the studio tomorrow! Just like a first date you wouldn’t over talk and tell them your life history. Give them the info they need to know to make the decision if you are the right teacher/studio for them.
  4. Meet quickly– return calls and emails in a timely fashion (note several days is not a timely fashion they have already called the studio down the street). Online dating advises that if you like someone in an app get the first meeting set up quickly before the initial buzz wears off. When someone reaches out for Pilates they are more ready that day than the next week.
  5. Ask them out– a call to action on your website allows them to get the process going to meet you in your studio. Make sure it’s abundantly clear how to set up a session (date) with you as soon as possible.

For more dating tips that will rock your business bliss, I will be leading a webinar on “Attracting your Ideal Client” on July 20th 12 pm PST (replay will be up through Sunday 7/27 12 pm pst). The LIVE webinar will dive deeper into how you can control your marketing and profiles to attract the right clients for your studio. This means less time and money wasted on marketing to the clients (suitors) that are not the right fit. Register here and as always you can send any questions in ahead of time by commenting below or private email.


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24/7 Business Coaching with Lesley. Take that first next step.

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