Jamie Umanzor

Jamie Umanzor is a highly successful national Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) leader who proudly identifies as a queer woman of color and daughter of immigrants. As an experienced DEI professional with over 13 years of experience, Jamie has led regional and national training, conferences, collaborations, and DEI initiatives for the YMCA of Honolulu and YMCA of the USA. Over the last two years, Jamie fostered national partnerships with 18 organizations, including GLSEN, Tyler Clementi Foundation, HRC Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of America, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, CenterLink, and PFLAG as part of YMCA of the USA’s national LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion initiative. Today, Jamie is the founder and principal consultant for C3 Equity Consulting. C3 Equity provides LGBTQ+ and organizational DEI consulting with a focus on culturally humble and trauma-informed business, community, and human resources strategies. Jamie serves as the Vice-Chair for the auxiliary fundraising board for one of the largest LGBTQ+ organizations in the nation – the Vernita Gray Council of Howard Brown Health – and is the community manager for a weekly role-playing game live stream. Jamie holds a B.A. in Sociology from the University of San Francisco and an M.A. in Public Administration from Capella University. She loves her dog and is a self-proclaimed “super nerd” with a great passion for indigenous spirituality, natural healing, mental wellness, and Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). She is currently running a pre-colonial, indigenous Hawaii-inspired D&D campaign, and plays in 3 other D&D campaigns on her spare time. Jamie also carries two sets of polyhedral dice on her person at all times in case the opportunity for an impromptu game presents itself.


Intro to Building an Inclusive and Anti-Racist Pilates Culture with Jamie Umanzor

An introduction to key concepts in building an inclusive and anti-racist Pilates culture. We will explore the history of bias and racism in Pilates and the general fitness industry, discuss key terms and concepts in support of learning and self-reflection, and close with strategies and tips for mindful anti-racist business planning.

Instructor:  Jamie Umanzor
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