Bridgette Boucha

Part woo woo, part woo hoo! Bridgette is a seeker of expansion. She is a CPA, former corporate CFO, who left her traditional career in pursuit of greater impact and fulfillment. She stepped into entrepreneurship with both head and heart wide open in order to change the conversation around money. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs simplify their money in order to amplify their impact. As founder of The Betterment Project, she enthusiastically coaches, mentors, speaks and facilitates experiences designed to empower you to build a business that doesn’t compete with your goals, but one that helps you REACH them.


Optimizing Your Personal Finances with Bridgette Boucha

Join us with Bridgette to discuss money from a place of abundance. You’ll learn how to manage your money using simple tools that will empower you to take ownership of your finances and you’ll receive strategies to improve your personal profitability.

Instructor:  Bridgette Boucha
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