Allison Gower

Allison Evelyn Gower is a Forbes-featured copywriter and brand coach. Originally from the world of commercial production, she shows go-getters how to unleash their unique personalities and write to dream clients so they buy-buy-buy. Allison’s hosted guests like John Lee Dumas on her podcast “Brand with Bite”, been heard on podcasts like “Don’t Leave Your Day Job” and grown some of the largest online entrepreneurial women on the planet.Obsessed with psychology and high-converting, ridiculously sassy writing, Allison’s calling is showing entrepreneurs how to step into their unique power...via websites, emails and highly-formulaic branding methods. When not cranking out seductive headlines or giddily leading students, Allison can be found watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, taking a long walk or playing Pictionary. Or, let’s be real, eating her 6th Dove dark chocolate. (Learn more about this former spelling-bee champion *6th grade winner awww yea* at


“Want More Clients? These MUST DO Writing Exercises Can Skyrocket Your Fitness Business” with Allison Evelyn Gower

In this hard-hitting, no-fluff talk, learn exactly what branding methods the successful fitness pros do to take their business to that skyrocket level, get more clients, and be seen as an expert. Allison will be leading you through concrete, step-by-step methods so you come out with real action and steps to launch you forward.

Instructor:  Allison Gower
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