Attracting New Clients

Instructor:  Lesley Logan
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About the Course

Attracting New Clients

In today's world, we are being marketed to on every platform, most emails, websites and of course, billboards, mail, and the radio. It's so hard to stand out in a Pilates crowd! Should you pay for advertising? How do you get those potential new clients to find you and your space? Where would you advertise if you should? Even those few questions are enough to make your head spin.

You got into teaching Pilates because you love Pilates and you want others to enjoy the benefits of Pilates too. So, how can you attract your ideal client? This course takes you through figuring out who your ideal client is and how to get them to find you! And the best part is you can do much of this marketing without spending your hard earned cash!

Course Structure

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Lesley Logan
Lesley Logan
LL, the founder of Profitable Pilates, offers one-on-one business coaching, skype sessions, weekly classes and online Pilates business workshops – all designed to help you do more of what you love: teach Pilates! Tune in each week for a new Pilates business blog post, or get emails from her here.