A quick note from Lesley about coaching... (click here!)

When I first became a Pilates instructor there wasn’t a whole lot of information out there for me to know what to do next!  I mean, I had all the exercise info and I saw how the studio I was an apprentice in worked but I wasn’t going to be working there.  So, what was I supposed to do after I was done with my program?  It was so stressful! And, I know I was not alone.

Then, as I started telling people I was becoming a Pilates instructor they would ask me how much my sessions and classes were?  I had no idea what to say.  I mean, what should I be charging?  Could I make a living doing this?  When could I leave my job as a store manager?  How was I supposed to go from retail to roll-ups?

I was a bit lucky though.  I started working for a teacher who showed me that I knew more than I thought.  And with her support, I realized that my background selling jewelry made selling Pilates easy!  But, as I looked around the studio I knew this was not the case for so many other teachers.

I began working with teachers on how to teach first time sessions that became lifetime clients.  I taught people who didn’t want to sell how they could easily sell a client 48 sessions if they knew what the client’s why was!

Then I began running a studio and helping other studio managers help teachers build their businesses up.  I wrote a book on how to become an instructor and what to do after to set up for success!

And, after 7 years of this, I started doing calls, workshops, and webinars! I haven’t stopped since.  Why?  Because, I know how amazing Pilates is, how amazing YOU are and the more teachers who are teaching the clients they desire to teach and the number of hours they want to teach the better it is for everyone!  The more teachers are able to make the money they need and want to make, the more you value yourself the better it is for the future of Pilates.

You are not alone!  And, here at Profitable Pilates, I have designed several options at all price options to help you do more of what you love-Teach Pilates!

We have weekly blogs, twice monthly webinars, online courses and personalized coaching sessions.  And, just like Pilates is not a one size fits all.  Every single coaching session is tailored to what your goals and needs are.  You’ll never a leave a call without homework and steps to take towards achieving what you want and need!

By saying yes to you and signing up for a coaching session you are setting yourself up for success on your terms.  And, you will leave your call knowing that you are not just throwing ideas out there and seeing what sticks.  You’ll be taking the steps, doing the work that will grow your business, attract the right clients, charge what you’re worth and so much more.

Are you ready to start doing business your way?  Let’s do this!


Pilates Business Coaching Packages with Lesley Logan

Lesley works with individual Pilates teachers, studio owners, teacher trainers and advises larger corporate entities on different aspects of their businesses, so, no matter where you’re at, Lesley can help!

Here are her coaching options:

Whether you are new to the idea of hiring a coach/consultant or maybe you just need support every so often to make sure you are on the right track this coaching offering is perfect for getting clear on your intentions for your business, discussing and focusing on one area of your business and gives you enough to work on until you’re ready for your next step. Includes a homework/recap follow-up email.

Cost: $290 for one hour-long call

Got a question? Need support? Want to rant or rave and on DEMAND? Well, AGENCY has a spot for you! What if you want and need a close-knit community to bounce ideas off, or to hear from other teachers about where they are, where they’ve been and what they are excited about? AGENCY is all of that and more. I wanted a coaching option that could be there when you need it. And, that means as often as you want it. Joining AGENCY gives you direct access to a members-only SLACK mastermind group where you can engage with others in AGENCY or DM me directly. Also, as part of your membership, you get weekly online mat classes, one webinar a month and a quarterly group coaching call.

Cost: Valued at $140/mo, you can now subscribe for $85/mo (click here for more details)

Savings: All AGENCY members get 20% off other PP & LLP products, including coaching calls, Skype Pilates sessions, Siem Reap Pilates Retreats and more.

Contact Lesley Logan for questions about coaching here.

Lesley also offers Pilates business workshops for corporate events, conferences or studios looking to train all of their staff as a group.