Lesley Logan Pilates Business Coaching
Lesley Logan, Fitness Business Coach – Seasoned in the business world of corporate Pilates and retail management, Lesley is a charismatic and enthusiastic entrepreneur. Building from her degree in communications and her targeted fitness experiences, she has become both a life and business coach to clients around the world, whether they are looking to grow their client roster, or successfully expand the team of their gym or studio.

Upon entering the Pilates teaching space and immediately attracting and converting enough clients to fill her schedule, she authored a book for those looking to grow their businesses. The principals she addressed are applicable to all areas of fitness, including both personal training and yoga. Soon after publication, she was voted ‘Best Pilates in Los Angeles’ by Los Angeles Magazine.

With eight years of retail management and six years of managing studios regionally for an internationally renowned fitness club, Lesley’s advice has been featured in Pilates Style Magazine and Vogue. Her Pilates workout and business coaching tutorials can also be found on

Lesley Logan of Profitable Pilates is available for private coaching calls

Lesley Logan of Profitable Pilates is available for private coaching calls

Lesley is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher, has completed a Masters Pilates Program from The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO, and most recently completed ‘The Work,’ a masters program taught by one of Joseph Pilates “Elders,” Jay Grimes. She has held the position of Lead Teacher Trainer for Equinox and led dozens of apprentices through their program from 2012-2016.

While she has almost a decade of teaching Pilates under her belt, Lesley practices yoga multiple days each week and grew up running competitively. After college, she ran professionally, sponsored by NutriBullet, and raced internationally before shifting her focus to training elite marathon runners along the bluffs in beautiful Santa Monica, California. Today she works for herself while teaching, coaching and leading international Pilates retreats.

Whether you are a brand new fitness instructor, a seasoned studio owner or a corporate executive, Lesley can work with you to help you grow your fitness business.

Pilates Business Coaching Packages with Lesley Logan

  1. The One Off
    Whether you are new to the idea of hiring a coach/consultant or maybe you just need support every so often to make sure you are on the right track this coaching offering is perfect for getting clear on your intentions for you business, discussing and focusing on one area of your business and gives you enough to work on until you’re ready for your next step. Includes a homework/recap follow up email.$175/ hr long call
  2. The 4×8
    Four hour long calls over eight weeks to start a project and see it through. These calls will make sure you stay on target to get your project, goal, book, training, or any other desire up and running. We’ll start our journey with a clear goal and together work out the workload to get you to where you need to be in eight weeks* This package includes four hour long calls two hours of research and as many emails regarding this project as you can send.$1000

    *if the project requires more time this package can be adjusted price subject to change based on length of time*

  3. The Long Haul
    This package gets you the most support all year long. Monthly coaching calls and regular check in’s. Reminders from someone who has been in your shoes helping you stay on target for your goals. Plus, access to two webinars a year of your choice! 12 calls, at least 12 emails and endless encouragement and honest support.$4000

If you’re ready to book your one-off coaching session, click here to select a spot in Lesley’s calendar. Contact Lesley Logan for questions about the 4×8 or the Long Haul business coaching packages here.

Lesley Logan Pilates Business Coaching

Lesley also offers Pilates business workshops.