Notes 2 Inspire: Nothing Stays the Same- Final N2I

Weekly Notes to Inspire are moving! 5 years ago I started sending a weekly “note 2 inspire” to a private list. You had to sign up for them. Then after 2 years of private N2I’s I made them a weekly blog and still sent them to those who wanted inbox. And then a year ago we made them a vlog and began posting here on YT. This is the last week we will post them as a vlog, blog and email them out. Starting in February I will be posting my N2I on IGTV under @profitablepilates I hope you take a moment to follow me over there.

Thank you for allowing me to post these N2I for so many years, for giving me the opportunity to send you a note of inspo and I hope the new format continues to provide you love, support and a note of inspiration.


Notes 2 Inspire: Does it Bring You Joy

New Year, new-ish you? We are officially into the new year and this is about the time that we fall back into our routines. And, usually lose all the inspo to change how we wanted to do things in 2020. As part of my 2020 goal setting, I look back at the past year and write down all the things I have to do. Then I highlight what brings me joy. And the stuff that I “have” to do that doesn’t bring me joy I ask myself if I need to keep it or if I can stop doing it? If I can’t stop doing it then I find a way to delegate it out. In this week’s “notes 2 inspire” I hope you take me up on the challenge! Post your answers below.



Notes 2 Inspire: Playing It Safe Will Feel Worse

It’s hard to do the work that is outside of your comfort zone. It’s hard to know if it’ll be worth it> If it will work or even what to do next. But, staying where you are, playing it safe or small will feel even worse. What can you do differently this week?
What feels unsafe?


Notes 2 Inspire: Patience is a Virtue

It’s funny how many people think I am so patient. I guess I didn’t realize at what point practicing patience started working. But, the truth is you can have all you want just not all at the same time. So, what do you want so badly you’re willing to be patient for it?



Notes 2 Inspire: Messy Action for the Win

Let’s just say it, you will never be “ready.” You will never feel ready. And, if you do you’ll probably be too late to the party you wanted to create. There is no “right time.” Or, when ___ happens. The feeling you are seeking to take action won’t come. In fact, the longer you take the more un-ready you will feel. So, what would happen if you just took some messy action?


Notes 2 Inspire: Get Unstuck

Feeling stuck is one of the most awful feelings in life and in your business. And, most of us will get stuck more often than we want. But, getting unstuck quicker is the key success. When you’re feeling stuck try these tips out. And, remember, “clarity comes from action and action is the antidote to fear.”


Notes 2 Inspire: You Can Create Money

What if you could have the income you wanted? What if you already did? Have you checked? I’m often told by teachers and studio owners they “just want to make ___ amount.” But, when I go over their average hourly rate, how many hours they teach I find that they usually are or are very close. So, how can you create more money and recognize the income you are making? Deets in this weeks vlog.


Notes 2 Inspire: Who is in Your Future?

If you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with do you like the answer?

If I looked at your calendar would I see the people you want in your future in it?

Creating space and time for the people we want in our future starts today.

This week, who are you making space for?


Notes 2 Inspire: You Can Do Hard Things

When bad things happen we get frustrated, annoyed, disappointed. When multiple bad things happen in a day or week it’s easy to feel down, or worse, like the world is against you. But, have you ever looked back at how you got to where you are? What do you see? When I look back at the time I was homeless, carless and had no studio I realize that everything amazing I have now was from that “hard” time. So, let’s talk about how you can do hard things.



Notes 2 Inspire: Give Yourself Space

Ever have a deadline or goal for yourself and it feels like everything is getting in the way? I mean doesn’t the world know you have things to do! Or, maybe you’re like me and you do a lot in one day. And, it feels like if you hit one red light or if your computer takes too long to upload you are going to run out of time. How can you create space in your day, week, life to be surprised? Or, at the very least so that you don’t have to rush?


Notes 2 Inspire: It’s Ok to Share Why You Rock

Raise your hand if you can’t take a compliment? Yeah I raised mine halfway. I’m getting much better but I feel like I used to excuse away any compliment about my looks, my success and anything in between. But, wouldn’t it be so cool if we could not only say thank you when someone tells us we rock but also shared our own amazingness? I think so! So this week, what’s one thing you can brag about to several people? Who will you tell first?

Who knows, you might just get to use that brag to do more of that cool thing and then you may find yourself doing more of what you rock at for a living.