Notes 2 Inspire: Fall in Love with Your Mistakes

One thing I absolutely struggle with is how I talk to myself after I made mistakes. I would get upset, wonder how I could do something so lame. Think and rethink about how I should have done it. And, before you know it that little mistake had taken over my day. I know I am not alone in this. And, while I am getting better at the self talk. It’s not just because I need to or should. It’s because mistakes are worth having! And, we should truly fall in love with our mistakes.

You’re probably wondering why I believe this. But, have you ever taken a wrong turn and found an amazing cafe or shop on a street you would never have found yourself on? Or, have you ever gotten lost on vacation only to discover a cute little town that no tourists go to?

Mistakes are feedback. They give us a new perspective on a thought, they give us insight into how we should or shouldn’t do something. And unless you are a surgeon most mistakes are not so life-altering that you cannot bounce back. In fact, most mistakes put you on the right path for you!

Some of the biggest blessings in my life are due to the mistakes I made. Things I didn’t do, or forgot to do or didn’t do “right.” I cannot imagine what my life would look like or where I would be if I hadn’t made a mistake.

So, don’t just be nice to yourself after you make a mistake. Fall in love with that mistake. Welcome it in! See where it leads you!

How many mistakes can you fall in love with this week?


Notes 2 Inspire: Make It Real as Quickly as You Can!

Do you keep your desires, dreams, ideas or goals a secret?

I often hear people say they are working on things or they have some ideas but they don’t want to share it with anyone just yet.

Does that sound like you?

Keeping your wants and dreams a secret doesn’t help you make them a reality. If you share them with others you will not only get amazing support and probably help to make your want a reality. But, when you tell people what you are working on it makes it REAL!

When your idea or thought is real you truly are more likely to do it!

I have this thing about telling someone an idea I have quickly. It lets me hear it out loud, which lets me feel what it sounds like. It also makes me have to work on it.

When I told people I was opening a studio it forced me to order my equipment! I know if I had waited to tell people about my studio opening even two weeks later it would have delayed my order at least another 2 weeks.

There is a study out there that says only 98% of people act on any of their ideas. That means only 2% of people make their ideas happen. Statistically, no one is going to steal your idea. So, go ahead and shout it from the rooftops. Make your idea REAL!

The sooner you do that, the sooner you can see it happen.


PS. Just because you make it real doesn’t mean you are married to it. If you discover it’s not what you want you can totally hit the period on that idea and move on to another one.


Notes 2 Inspire: But, Is it Really Bad?

Life isn’t always magical stars, rainbows, and glitter. I wish it was but sometimes it can simply just suck! And, it’s easy to focus on the bad stuff and not see any of the good stuff. And, while I can sit here and talk about how you need to count your blessings. I think it could be more important and even more useful to talk about the bad stuff a little bit.

How do you know its bad?

Sometimes we don’t get what we want and so we think that it is bad. But, how do you know?

It feels bad in the moment because it wasn’t the result you wanted. However, if we could see into the future what we would probably find out is that what we first thought was bad was probably a gift for our future self in disguise.

I recently did a podcast interview where I talk about being homeless, carless and studioless just a little over five years ago. And now, today, I have my own studio, a fabulous husband, two homes and so much more than I could have imagined. But, at the moment it felt awful! Terrible! However, I decided it was meant to be. That it was setting me up for the future. I let the “bad” happen. And, it set up the foundation I needed for the good.

So, this week, when the “bad” stuff happens, just remember it’s setting you up for the good stuff you deserve. It’s paving a way!


Notes 2 Inspire: Say What You Want Out Loud

Do you keep your dreams a secret? Tell me if this sounds familiar… You have an idea for your life or your business but you don’t want to share it. You don’t want anyone to copy what you are doing. You keep it to yourself until you’re “ready.” How often does that work out for you? When was the last time something you wanted you kept secret and then it happened? If you have been successful this way that’s amazing. But, as I look back at all the things I have that I wanted the ones that have come to fruition came because of the help of others. Because I told somebody something I wanted.

For example, people ask me how I got my retreat space in Cambodia often. I tell them, I wanted it and I told everyone in Siem Reap what I wanted. I told them what I was planning on doing. And, even though when I was there and there were no possible retreat spaces to buy I just kept telling people I knew there what I was looking for. One day, a house that was not listed became available. Someone told someone and that person told someone who I had told what I wanted. And boom! I got it!

I only have my house there because I did not keep my plans a secret.

My retreat space was not from manifestation alone. It was from the help of others!

Here’s the thing. I could have been worried someone else would hear my idea and copy me. But, life is too short to worry about that. And the truth is 98% of people will never act on their dreams. Isn’t that insane!?

And, an even better thing, people want to help you! They want you to be happy! They want to be part of the story that is YOU.

So, this week, don’t keep to yourself what it is that you want! Tell someone what you’re working on. Who knows who they know who could have the keys to your dreams.


Notes 2 Inspire: Get Out of Your Own Way!

Stand up! Yep, as you read this stand up. Ok, please stand up while you read this. I want you to feel something that happens in your mind on a regular basis with your own body. Yes, in your mind you do something probably without even noticing it. You limit yourself. So, stand up and try this with me.

Stretch your arms up to the sky and see how far you can stretch.

Hold it for a second!

Does it feel good to stand up and stretch as much as you can?

Ok, relax.

Now, stand up and do it again. But, this time I want you to stretch 2 inches taller than before.


Oh my, doesn’t that feel so good!

Now, go ahead and relax. Did you stretch taller the second time?

Why is it that the second time you stretched taller when I asked you to but the first time you didn’t get that far?

The first time I asked you to do as much as you can and somehow the second time because I suggested it you could get taller. The first time you could have done it but you stopped yourself. Your brain said this is as far as I can go. But it wasn’t.

In life, we hit roadblocks, obstacles and limiting thoughts on a daily basis. It’s our own mind that is keeping us for doing more.

This week, notice where you are holding yourself back and tell yourself you can do two more inches.


Notes 2 Inspire: You are the Only You

Ever have imposter syndrome? I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t have a moment of “I’m not good enough” kind of feelings. I know that I am not alone. I know this because I am friends with some of the most incredible humans on this planet and they all have said to me more than once that they don’t feel good enough or like it’s their turn. So, if you are reading this and you have felt imposter syndrome you are sooo not alone!

Recently, I was at a two-day workshop with Cathy Heller from Don’t Keep Your Day Job. And, we all had to write down our greatest imperfection. What we felt our greatest imperfection was. All of us wrote down a feeling of imposter syndrome. We all worried that we would fail. Well, all of us but two. One person said their imperfection was having too little of breasts and the other person felt their breast were too big. But, aside from those everyone felt some form of imposter syndrome!

So, guess what that means? We are all trying to be awesome and worried that we are not. But, you know what? You are the only YOU. And that is awesome!

You are the only one with your journey, your story, your experiences. You might have similar experiences as someone else but not the same. And so no matter what you want to do in this world you have to do it! Because you are the only one who can do it your way.

If you try to do things like someone else did then it’s gonna feel icky. If you do it the way you are uniquely called to do it you will thrive. I’m not saying you won’t feel like you need to give yourself a pep talk every day but you will be so aligned with who you are “success” whatever that means to you will feel so sweet!

This week please remind yourself as often as possible that you are the only you. It is so important that you realize that. And, if you don’t believe me look at your fingerprints. On Cathy’s podcast, I listened to her and author Jen Sincero talk about finger prints. Why would we have fingerprints except to prove to you that you are not a copy?

You are the only you. I am so grateful for you.


Notes 2 Inspire: Always Be Generous

When you are standing in line at the coffee shop do you scroll on Instagram or do you see how you can help someone you haven’t talked to in months?

When you think of someone do you text them and see how they are doing?

When offer your products or services and are rejected do you see what they need or are looking for instead?

Checking in on people you haven’t spoken to in months or years can seem weird. But, if you pair standing in line with just sending a “hey, how is it going?” to the last person in your long, long list of text messages and just see how you can help them it’ll never seem weird. In fact, it will feel normal, it will become a habit and you will grow your network and deepen friendships.

I know, you’re busy! Me too! But, have you ever been in a position where you need something from someone from a past life and it feels strange and awkward to reach out? Yeah, me too! But, if you regularly do a little check in and see if they need anything it will never feel strange. And, you never know! Being rejected by someone doesn’t mean no to everything! They may be looking for someone who is a friend of yours and then you can generously hook them up with a e-troduction and then they may think about a friend that needs what you are offering!

Always be generous doesn’t mean do everything for other people. It means seeing how you can help others with what you already have in your strength or connections bucket so that one day when you need something it shows up on your doorstep!

Always be generous will actually allow you to spend more time thinking about what you rock and what others rock and how you can all rock together!

If you’re always being generous others will be too! Including strangers! Plus, how long does it really take to do an e-troduction?

Less time then it takes to read this blog post!

How generous can you be this week?


Notes 2 Inspire: Falling Happens

I fell yesterday. And, not a little slip and fall. Nope, a full-on flying of my 5’9″ body across an intersection and then a skid landing. I must say I’m so happy I do Pilates. This body did hold everything together well. I think my body was in full “swan” position. And, honestly, aside from some bruises the hardest part was getting back on the scooter that flung me off in the first place.

Think back to the last time you fell in public. Getting up was probably something you did as quickly as you could. Falling is embarrassing. But, getting back on your own two feet and taking the next step. That’s where things get a little weary. We wonder if we can trust the feet we stand on? Will we fall again? Did anyone notice? What will they think?

Falling physically is a fabulous example for life’s adventures. For the “risks” in the choices, we have to make daily. Do we do the thing we’ve done before knowing the result we will get or do we do the thing we haven’t done that may or may not work out?

And, here’s the thing. As someone who has fallen both physically and metaphorically speaking, I can’t tell you what decision to make. But, I can tell you that most of the time no one is paying that close attention. Most people even if they saw you fall just go on with their life. And, a year from now won’t even remember the fall they saw.

So, do the thing you haven’t tried! Give it a whirl. If you fall, try again. I don’t know many people who learned how to ride a bike without falling a few times.

This week, worry less about “what if you fall” and think more about what if you land!


Notes 2 Inspire: Time to Become the Captain

So, I’ve often talked about the “journey” and also our own “path” in blogs, live’s and past “notes to inspire.” And, after this blog post, I may fall into that habit again. Although, I hope that in time I will switch. Because what I heard about a month ago has stuck with me so much that I cannot shake it. Has that ever happened to you? You hear something, and the truth of it goes straight into your soul! Well, that happened to me a few weeks back. I heard a woman on a podcast say that life isn’t a journey. There is no path! And instantly I was talking back at her like she had no idea what she was talking about. And then, her voice cut through my back talk. She said it’s like being on a sailboat.

Wait what?

She continued on and my ears were hanging on every word.

After she finished I was mind blown. I almost pulled my car over, except I was running late so I kept going but I did replay her answer a few times over.

She said some people want to take the train. They get off and on at different stops. And they are more or less fine with that. Or, not fine with that but they get back on thinking the next stop will have what they are looking for. But, a path, a personal-make-your-own-way kind of path still gives the notion that there is a “way” to where you want to go. But, there is no set, specific route for a sailboat.

There is open water, there is plenty of places to stop, and the path in between is between you, the winds, the weather, and your compass.

Some days you have to hold on tight, brave the winds, the rain, the lightning, the sharks and anything else you think the world can throw at you. And other days the waters are calm, the sky is clear and you can see, off in a distance where you are trying to go.

I love this! So much!

Because it means you don’t have to worry about being on the wrong path. You just have to enjoy the waters when they are calm, whether the storms as they come in and trust your compass…your gut!

This week, there will be calm waters, open oceans and your dreams will be in the distance where you can see them. There will also be some bad weather, some choppy unchartered waters and you may want to turn back. Don’t! The weather, the choppy waters will follow you. Point your compass, hold on tight and this storm will pass.


Notes 2 Inspire: You Don’t Have to Wait in Line

Living in LA I often drive by filming studios, clubs, bars and music venues and there are lines of people waiting to get in. I’ve seen news stories on people who camp out for movie releases, the latest iPhone or tennis shoe. And, I’m not hating on any of that. If waiting in line to get something you desire works for you then go for it.

But, one of the things I have been noticing as a common theme for many “successful” people is that not one of them waited in line for someone to let them in the front door. Some of the most famous entrepreneurs, celebrities and speakers got where they are because the line was too long so they went around to the back door or window. Steven Speilberg apparently got someone to notice his movie by getting a three-day set pass and dressing like an exec, said hi to the security guards like he knew them and made those three days last a week or so. His tenacity caught someone’s eye and that person helped him get his first movie in front of the gatekeepers and he became the youngest director.  He didn’t wait in any line.

And why should you?

Who said that you have to wait your turn?

Tell me, do you have an idea for something and desire to do it but you don’t think you’re “ready” yet? That’s your fear telling you to wait in line.

Has someone said you have a golden idea and you have to make it happen and you have a million reasons why you can’t yet? Another line.

Have you launched something and it didn’t have the impact you wanted so you moved on? Another line.

Sometimes the line moves fast and you can get in the front door. But, if there’s a back door, window or helping hand go for it!

I promise you, you’re not cutting in front of anyone by finding another way in. I know this because there is no pie of success, money or abundance. If you find success, make money or enjoy abundance it doesn’t affect my ability or anyone else’s ability to have those things too.

So, this week, skip the line and see what happens!


Notes 2 Inspire: If You Want Your Dreams to Come True

If you want your dreams to come true you have to wake up! You need to open your eyes. It’s so easy to think about what we want, to lament over not having what we want and to wish for what we want. It’s so not easy to put one foot in front of the other and make your dreams a reality.

Or is it?

Have you ever had a dream and then days, weeks or months later lived that dream? It’s the craziest thing when it happens. We often call it deja vu. But, I do think our dreams can be our own future tellers. I know that borderline on woo but it’s true. Let me tell you a story.

At the very beginning of this year, I lost my engagement ring. I cried so hard. I was inconsolable. I really couldn’t stop looking for it. One day two weeks after I lost it I was dreaming. In my dream, I kept seeing piles of rings from the designer of my ring. But none of the rings were mine. My husband was in my dream and he kept saying I could pick any ring I wanted. But, I kept looking for my ring. I left this market to join my husband and friends to go get Kippy’s ice cream. And just as we were about to leave I saw my ring in a pile. My alarm went off! I closed my eyes. I wanted to go back to this dream so badly. I wanted to see where my ring was. But, I couldn’t get back to the dream. I couldn’t see more than what I already saw. I had to get up. I had to open my eyes.

My housekeeper walked in and I said to her “Elvia, we are going to find this ring. It’s in a pile. I just saw it in a dream.” Sure enough, an hour later she found it, in a pile of toothbrushes.

I know that my ring story is nothing like the dreams we have for our lives or our businesses but I hope it shows that in your dreams is your future and you can have it if you believe and open your eyes.

What are you dreaming about? What do you want? This week, write down your dreams, see what they are telling you!


Notes 2 Inspire: Do You Know Where Your Keys Are?

If you see me in real life you know that I am happy! And, I don’t mean that in a braggy way. I mean that in a possible way. Meaning, I believe that everyone deserves to be happy and that everyone has the opportunity to be happy.

And, hey, I get it, it’s easy for me, someone who is happy to say we should all be happy. But, it’s true. You just have to believe that not only is being happy possible. But, that it is possible for YOU!

So, if you believe that being happy is possible for you then it just takes you finding the keys to your happiness!

Guess, what!? Finding the keys to your own happiness is really easy. Are you ready for it?

Your key’s to your own happiness is in YOUR pocket!

Yep, it’s true.

You want to know how I know?

Well, for years I searched for my happiness in my past jobs, past friendships or romantic relationships. I searched high and low and thought they were in purses I didn’t own yet or the trending outfits that I hadn’t bought yet. But you know what?

One day I found my keys to my own happiness and they were in my pocket the whole time.

So, go grab your keys and open the door to your happiness.

Are you ready?