Notes 2 Inspire: What Happens When You Replace ‘But’ with ‘And?’

How often do you use ‘but?’ Have you ever listened to yourself explain why you are not doing something or why you are not able to do something? Recently I said, “I want to do more yoga but I don’t have time.” A teacher I was coaching said, “I want to teach more but nobody will pay what I charge.” A friend of mine said she “wanted to lose weight but nothing worked.”

While driving down the 405 freeway to meet a friend I heard Seth Godin suggest replacing the word ‘but’ with the word ‘and.’ Because when you say ‘but; you have nowhere to go. It’s like putting a period on a sentence. You’ve made a statement.

However, when you use the word “and” you open up a conversation in your head or with whomever you are talking with. Allowing you to think about alternative ways to get what you want. ‘And’ creates opportunity!

For example, if I say ‘and’ when it comes to my lack of time for yoga the sentence allows for a ‘yet’ to be added. “I want to do more yoga and I don’t have time yet.” This allows me to think about ways to create more time. The teacher who doesn’t have clients willing to pay her rates…yet… can then think about ways to find the right clients who will pay her rates. My friend “wants to lose weight and nothing is working yet” leaves room for suggestions that she can try to hit her goals.

This week, listen to your excuses or complaints. How often are you using ‘but?’ Can you rephrase that statement with ‘and?’ What does space does that and allow in? What else could you do or try now that ‘and’ has created opportunity?


Notes 2 Inspire: Are You Doing it For the Money?

They say to do what you love! You only live once! But, sometimes what you love doesn’t always pay the bills. But, does that mean you do something you don’t love because of the money? Does that mean you get a gig that pays the bills and then some and dabble in what you love?

I mean, what are you supposed to do if what you love doesn’t get you the money you need?

To be honest I don’t have the answer to that question. Mostly, because there are a multitude of answers depending on who you are, what you do and how much money you need/want to make.

But, what I can say is that if you are doing it solely for the money it’s not going to work out. You will not feel good selling it, talking about it or sharing it. For example, I see people trying to sell a product or course they don’t love or care for, they may have even created it but they did it for the payoff not because it fed their soul. And because of the drive behind it being the money they not only sound unauthentic it either doesn’t sell or they feel out of alignment afterward. I’m sure thats not exactly how they define it. They probably just feel like binging out on food, shopping or other libations.

They say that the further away you are from your calling the more anxiety and stress you are going to find yourself in. Why? Because you are trying to fit yourself into a hole that’s not the right size.

So, sure, you made a lot of money. But, you’re not doing what your gift is. So, then all those people who could be receiving your gift are also missing out. And, you don’t reap the benefits of giving your gift.

This week, as you decide what projects to say yes to, as you decide what tasks take precedence just ask yourself why you are doing it? If it’s for the money could you set it aside and spend 15 minutes thinking about ways doing more of what you love could be part of your life? Write down 10 ideas every day about how you could do more of what you love!

I know this sounds easier said than done. I know you may be sitting there with a mountain of bills. But, I also can say that I left a “secure” job with a salary and vacation time during the recession to be a full-time Pilates instructor. And, now, almost 10 years after leaving that job I not only pay my bills but I get paid doing what I love. The difference is I’m not doing it for the money. I do it because I love it, I feel energized after each and every day, even the long ones. I used to shop and go out more often because I “deserved it for all the work I had been doing.” But, once I started working on projects because I loved doing them and not for the security or the money they would provide my whole world shifted.

Was it easy?

Nope! And sometimes it’s still not. Tech happens, people don’t do what I expect or things don’t launch when I want. But, at the end of the day I’m doing what I was born to do. I am using my gifts. And those gifts give loads more to those I teach and coach. And, that in turn, gives back tenfold.

So, what ideas will you think up? What do you love doing? How can you do more of it?


What Happens When LL Meets Cool J?

I am a total podcast junkie! In fact, I’m a self-proclaimed podcast addict and I have no intentions of letting go of my deep love for podcasts. It’s not like they take away from my daily life. On the contrary, they spice it up, they inspire me and even challenge me. It should be noted I do not own a TV so reading and pods are my “tv time.”

So, when I heard about a podcast by a Pilates instructor for Pilates instructors I subscribed without even giving it a second thought. Jenna Zaffino the host and creator of Pilates Unfiltered was already a friend of mine on Facebook. So, you know what that means…haha I had not had the pleasure of meeting Jenna yet in person but since we were FB buds and I had seen her on I hit that subscribe button.

Then finally our paths crossed in real life at the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) conference in 2016. She, of course, was as cool in person as I had hoped she’d be. But, alas we still didn’t get a chance to connect and become fast friends…yet.

I’ll speed this story up to the present. Pilates Unfiltered invited me onto their Season 3 line up and I happily showed up. I am not sure what I was more excited about being on the podcast or having over an hour of uninterrupted conversation with an incredibly talented, creative and thought provoking friend.

Was I nervous? Yes. Did I have fun? Oh yes. Should you listen? YAAS!!!!

This episode covers my Pilates journey, what is Profitable Pilates, my Pilates retreats and yes, there is lots of yummy Pilates business tips in there all gratis. So, what are you waiting for? Get your listen on here. And hear LL Cool J!

Can’t wait to hear what your thoughts are! Check out Pilates Unfiltered on Facebook and Instagram as well.


PS there are tons of amazing episodes so after mine keep on listening. Get your Pilates Unfiltered fix on.


All You Need to Know About Our Summer Webinar Series

Join me for 1 or all of these webinars Live from where ever you are or watch the replay (each webinar will be up for 3 days for those who cannot view live. Buy one at a time, or if you buy 3 you’ll get automatic access to the “Converting First Time Clients webinar. If you buy the whole summer series (link below) you get the Converting webinar and the Q & A automatically! Buy more and save. Make this summer your Pilates business summer!

Let’s Get SOCIAL with Your Pilates Business (Part 1) June 8th 12:00pm PST

You might already be using social media in life and trying to use it for your Pilates business. But, is it giving you the return you’re hoping for? This first part of our webinar series will cover the basics and then some! So, whether you know about social media or not starting with this webinar will help you answer questions:
-when to post
-where to post
-should you have separate socials for personal and professional
-What handles you should have…what the heck is a handle anyways
-Do you measure your worth by “Likes” and “Follows”
and more

plus: homework that will get you moving in the right direction


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Let’s Get Social with Your Pilates Business (part 2) June 22nd 12 pm

In this webinar, we will dive deeper into the many options Social besides just posting comments. Like “What’s LIVE got to do with it?” and How about IG, is it the OG and what’s the deal with “Stories.” And something I’ve become super passionate about is “handling Social trolls.”


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The Riches are in the Niches 7/6 12 pm pst

You’ve heard the saying “if you’re talking to everyone you’re talking to no one.” This applies to trying to teach everyone too! Niche-ing out can seem like you’re limiting yourself. But, in this webinar, we will discuss how to discover your niche, define your niche and refine your niche.


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Attracting New Pilates Clients 7/20 12pm
It’s part of the business…making sure that new business is finding its way into our studios and on our schedules. In this webinar, we will discuss how to maximize your marketing efforts without throwing money at it. Also, bonus! We will discuss how to attract your ideal new client!


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Ditching the Churn-Client Retention 8/3 12 pm
It’s cheaper to keep and existing client then it is to get a new one. So, how can you keep your existing clients coming back week after week and month after month and of course…year after Pilates-loving year!


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How to have a life as a Pilates Instructor 8/12 1 pm pst
You got into teaching because you loved Pilates! You have been working your heart away and then you realize one day you don’t seem to have a much of a life. Or, your friends and family just don’t seem to understand why you can’t take off vacations like they can. And, what about time for yourself and your Pilates practice?! This webinar will cover all things to balance your love for teaching and your love for a living!


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Group Classes 8/17 12 pm pst

So, you offer or want to offer group classes. But, how much do you charge? When do you offer them and how do you fill them? This webinar is all about the groups baby. We will also discuss if group classes are right for you and techniques in teaching (note this is not an exercise list but rather a skills list).


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BONUS EPISODE: Converting First Time Clients 8/31 4 pm pst
When a new client comes into the studio for their first session it’s huge! They don’t grow on trees and it’s not every day they are banging on your door. So, how you teach them is important and it’s also unique. This webinar will cover how to teach a first time client to get them coming back again and again. It’s been a hit in the past and here’s one past attendee experience: “I tried my new client’s why into our session and asked a lot of questions from her intake form and limited my corrections. She bought a 10 pack of classes without hesitation!”

$75 if buy it a la carte or free if purchasing 3 or more Summer Session Webinars. Go here to purchase your three a la carte and we will email you to give you access to this one.

Q & A 9/7 12pm pst
While all webinars are all about you Pilates teachers this webinar is literally all about YOU! Send in your questions ahead of time or ask them live (note if watching the replay send questions in ahead of time so they are answered). Any Pilates biz question you’ve got and any question you’re just not sure who to ask…If I can’t answer it I’ll tell you who probably can.

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My Pilates Love Affair: an Instructors Journey

I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to today’s blog author Jessica Hansen! A dear friend of mine our love for Pilates put us in the same place at the same time. Our paths were meant to cross, and her story is one I know many Pilates instructors and soon-to-be Pilates instructors will recognize. As we enter the month of LOVE may you find inspiration from Jessica’s journey to honor the love Pilates has for you, your body and your love for Pilates. Without further ado, Jessica Hansen:

Like any proper love story, the begging of mine with Pilates came when I was at an all time low. Picture the beginning scene of Bridget Jones Diary and insert me on the couch Continue reading

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Gratitude 2016: What Are We Thankful for This Year?

While most are busy enjoying CyberMonday sales, I want to thank you first for taking time away from the holiday hustle and bustle to read this post. I feel it is important to stop and take a look back over the year or even years and say thank you to those who have helped guide me to where I am today. When I first decided to make this week’s blog about gratitude, I was picturing me walking the red carpet to the Oscar stage, showing up in a beautiful dress, and pulling out a piece of paper with my long list of those to thank. I would talk above the music as it tried to play me off the stage. Alas, as I write this I am not on an Oscar stage nor am I wearing a beautiful ball gown. But, I am in a pretty rockstar winter vest, and I still have a list of important people and moments to thank.

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Post PMA Highlights

Time certainly does fly when you are having fun! It’s been just over a week since I returned from this year’s Pilates Method Alliance conference in Phoenix, AZ. It did not disappoint. This year instructors from 28 countries dove into the Pilates workshops, a Halloween bash from Pilates Anytime and enjoyed a premiere of a new documentary celebrating Joseph Pilates. Continue reading

Pilatini® Nights: A Pilates Instructor Hangout

Earlier this year I was having dinner with a couple of my girlfriends one night. We are all Pilates instructors, and we were discussing how sometimes it’s difficult to find a non-teaching outfit to wear when going out on the town. Somehow over the years of teaching, our personal style changed – but the closet didn’t.  Rewind to several years ago when I was creating my first website and I was writing my bio. At the time “yogini” was the term used to describe Yogi’s. Needing a term to describe me and my love for Pilates, the word “Pilatini®” was born. I spent the time and effort to trademark it. Not the easiest thing in the world to do, and I didn’t really have a definitive plan for it yet. Continue reading

Love Pilates? Will Travel? Check Out My Upcoming Pilates Retreats

I don’t know about you, but in this busy world it can be hard to take time for yourself or workouts—let alone time to travel. So, why not combine all of these things? Seriously, what if you could take time off, go to an exotic spot and get your Pilates in all in the same trip? Well, join me on one of my retreats below and you can. Continue reading

New Pilates Business Courses: Max Out with Mini-Courses

We have so many new things to share with you here at Profitable Pilates. My integral courses for all Pilates Instructors, “Teaching Your Vision” and “Never a Dull Moment,” are getting a lot of love these days. They are essential for hitting your goals and not ending up on a hamster wheel of just teaching to whomever and whenever. But, what if you only have 10-15 minutes and you need to get some tricks and practices for growing your business? Well, I’ve got mini-courses for you! Continue reading