Money, Rates, Revenue Streams and Pilates

It is absolutely possible to make money as a Pilates Instructor! I feel I have to open with that statement as many teachers lament about how it’s not possible to make money in the Pilates business. Or that they do this as a hobby because they have other means of income that pay the bills. But, I am here to tell you that with proper business systems, setting rates that reflect what you’re worth and maybe a little outside of the box thinking you can make a living as a Pilates instructor.

Some of you reading this will be nodding in agreement while others I know may take a little more convincing. I’ll admit when I first began teaching Pilates I asked my friends what they were offering and basically set up shop “business as usual.” I didn’t even think about varying up my Pilates teaching revenue streams. I mean, we schedule someone, they pay and that’s pretty much that.

But, what if you could break the mold? Or, what if you could at least make the mold fit you and where you want to grow as a Pilates instructor. I’ve written about charging what you’re worth in past blogs “Why you should never apologize for what you charge” and “How to Maximize your Earnings as a Pilates Instructor.

Truth is if you know the way you like to show up teaching: privates, group, virtually or a combination of any of those not only will you enjoy your work life more.  But to do this you will have to have a better idea of where all your money is coming from. I’m sure you have rates for privates, semi-privates or duets, mat class, equipment class, first-time session, in-home sessions and insert-your-other-options here. It can be so confusing. How often do you check and see where you make the most of your income? Are you offering packages and taking up decision-making space (and marketing dollars) on options no one is using? Are you maximizing your desired way to teach?

I’m sure you are nodding your head yes….but just to make sure you’re up to date on this info use your scheduling software to run a report on this year so far. Where is all your income coming from? What are your best selling packages? Worst? What session or class times are most booked and least booked? And, who are your best clients (not just nicest but the ones that show up the most)? Is it who you thought it would be?

Once you have this info do you think you would change some of your offerings? Maybe ditch a package option…or class time that isn’t bringing you as much money as a standing private would. Lastly, if you could make money any other way teaching Pilates what would it be? Workshops? Online offerings?

Yes, it used to be that every teacher and studio offered Pilates in pretty much the same things but that doesn’t mean you have to. It doesn’t mean you need to offer packages or multiple package options. You are in charge of your business and you can set your rates and offerings, however, works for you. And, I hope that you do!  Because if you are doing your Pilates business as usual (like everyone who came before you). You could be losing money. And, that would be a bummer!

This week we are going LIVE and talking your rates, Pilates teacher revenue streams, and how to take your dreams as a Pilates instructor and monetize them. Join me by registering here. And, if you would like the full Fall series click here.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of where your money comes from and where we can maximize your revenue streams!


Are You Committing One of These First Time Session Killers?

Your new client walks in, fills out the paperwork, signs the cancellation policy, works out and says “Thanks, I’ll think about it.” And then heads on out and you never hear back from them. First time Pilates sessions are like first dates. For the most part, they all seem pretty great on the surface. But, most first dates are just that, first dates. They don’t all lead (thankfully so) to a second date or more. But, when it comes to our Pilates businesses we would like most first-time sessions to become lifetime clients. Afterall, if they don’t how will we have a sustainable and healthy Pilates business?

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Can a Multi Level Pilates Class Improve Your Business?

As I’m about to dive into my newest webinar on Group Pilates classes I thought it only fitting to have Joel Crosby owner of Vitality Method in Atlanta, GA shares the importance of multi-level group classes. Afterall, I know many teachers do not often have the space for group classes or perhaps you only have one piece of each apparatus?  Offering group classes can be essential for getting more students in a room, offering options for clients to get more sessions in a week and for some at rates they can afford. But, are you limiting yourself by offering classes where everyone does the same exercises at the same time?

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Why Should You Listen to Your Clients?

Before you think I’m going to suggest you let your clients talk during the whole Pilates session let me just say that this is not about being a therapist or friend to your client. This post is about listening for key clues that help you teach them better, grow your business more and retain your clients for a lifetime. Rest assured you will not have to be the shoulder they cry on (although that can happen) or their dating advice expert. But, what you will hear when you are truly listening (and sometimes not with your ears) will be what sets you apart from the rest. Having good listening skills can be the difference between someone giving up Pilates when tough times hit. Good listening skills can mean client referrals and a healthy, thriving business vs one that is constantly trying to get more new clients to replace the ones that “got bored,” or “became too busy.” Think you listen well?

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Ditching the Churn-Tips on Client Retention

One of my clients is getting ready to go off to college. I have been teaching her since she was thirteen years old. I can’t believe that her slots will be open in just a few weeks. Losing a client to college or moving away isn’t anything I can control. In fact, that is an amazing opportunity worth celebrating and a lucky Pilates instructor will be gaining a wonderful client. But, what about those clients who come do a package or two and then miss a session, go on a vacation and then when we follow up…crickets. Where did they go? Why did they go? Was there something I could have done to retain them?

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How to Handle the Excuses for Not Doing Pilates

Recently my friend and Yoga Instructor were chatting about the famous excuse we often get “I’m not in shape enough for Pilates.” Well, she gets “I’m not flexible enough for yoga.” I say it’s famous because I know all of you instructors have heard the same phrase before too. “I’ll call you when I get more in shape, flexible, have more time and insert-latest-excuse-for-procrastination-here.”

I remember when I was a new instructor trying so hard to win them over and responding with all the ways that Pilates would help them get in shape, become more flexible, save them time at the gym, etc. Now, years later and a schedule so full of coaching and teaching I do not have the space for clients not begging for a slot I wish someone had told me a better way to respond to those “excuse filled potential clients.”

You know who I am talking about, those people that are soo busy! They have this and that. Then there are those who want to lose weight before they start. How about the ones that are going to do their own thing for a bit and when they are stronger they will come back? How are you supposed to respond to these clients? Should you? Do you beg? Do you begin listing all the bullet points and Pilates principles to get them to sign up? Do you shrug your shoulders and walk away?

None of the above! Seriously, you cannot convince anyone of anything with words. You’re not going to change their mind in a moment. They have made their minds up. All you can do is be an open and welcome space for when they are ready. Wait! Don’t click off this or roll your eyes at me just yet. I promise I have tips for you.

Try these tips:
1) Are your website and social channels an open and welcoming space showing what life as a Pilates client with you is like? If you have videos and images of clients like them doing Pilates, then your studio will speak for itself. If this client can see themselves in your studio, see inflexible students getting their Pilates on or, reading testimonials from clients who came super out of shape and now because of you are in their best shape. Maybe, they see a class schedule designed for the busy working client? Instead of telling them you can help them with their problem show them how you do that!

2) Understand but don’t agree You can totally empathize with them but you don’t have to agree with them. Just because I said you cannot talk this person into changing their mind doesn’t mean you agree. Take the time to get to know them a bit more and connect with them. Some people like to throw their excuses out there to “pre-reject” and protect themselves from possibly being humiliated or rejected. In their mind, you might not want to work with them because they are too insert reason for not starting Pilates here.

3) Play a little hard to get You know how in the dating world we all want the person who didn’t call us back? We pine for the person that isn’t paying attention to us. I’m not saying practice bad business and not return calls, emails or walk away from these excuse spewing potential Pilates clients. But, what if you heard what they have to say and understood what they had to say and then told them “when you’re ready to let me know. Hopefully, I’ll have a slot for you.” With your kindest smile and your genuine tone. This is not to be confused with passive-aggressive “I’ll show you” tone. After all, you do hope you have room for them when they are ready. And, you only want a client to contact you when they are willing. Be kind and supportive and then let them go. They’ll walk away wondering why in the world where everyone is trying to get anyone to do something you are not. You’re not begging for them to take Pilates from you.

Fear of not being good at something, fear of being rejected, fear of change and fear of no longer having the excuses we tell ourselves as reasons why we haven’t hit our goals is incredibly powerful. You know Pilates is the best thing for them. That Pilates is tailorable, and there is a Pilates practice for everybody out there at the level they are. But, for you (often a stranger) to be able to overpower what is in their head is tricky. You’ll leave the conversations frustrated for them and you. After all, you need to build your business. Make sure your website and handles all show the welcoming space you are for your ideal client and spend your time going after the clients who are open to change!

I know easier said than done. But, trust me it works!

Looking for feedback on if your website and social channels, coaching on your business contact me here. I save a few coaching slots each month for Pilates consultation. Lastly, Summer Session of Business webinars will be announced next week!! But, before I go live with the schedule you still have time to give your input. Click here and give your feedback.


Do You Really Have to Have Tough Conversations?

Yes, and No! I know, I hate those non-answers too.

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Why You Should NEVER Apologize for What You Charge

I remember when I first became a Pilates instructor. I was so excited, and I couldn’t wait to be teaching as many clients as possible. I mean, everyone should be doing Pilates right? My first few clients came from other teachers so when I had my first “Pilates is too expensive” comment I was a bit caught off guard. I knew Pilates was more than I could afford in the beginning but I loved it so much I started making my own coffee and became an instructor so I could make room in my budget for my Pilates sessions. A girls gotta do what a girls got to do! The client asked for a discount, and I said no. She left, and I sat there wondering what I could have done differently. Was Pilates too expensive?

Obviously no! I spent nine months and thousands of dollars in my first training not to mention almost a thousand hours after you added up all the apprentice hours, training hours, meetings, the clients I was teaching that didn’t count towards my hours. Continue reading

Do You Have the Body for Pilates? Busting some Myths

I fell in love with the practice of Pilates in 2005. Three years later, I became certified to teach. In working with clients since 2008 I’ve learned that there are a lot of misconceptions about who can/cannot practice Pilates. (If you don’t have the time right now to read this entire post, let me tell you upfront that every body—yes, every body! —is a Pilates body.) Keep reading to get the 411 on who can/can’t do Pilates: Continue reading

How to Maximize your Earning Potential as a Pilates Instructor

When I wrote chapter 7 “The Price is Right” for my book “Profitable Pilates: Everything but the Exercises,” I was hoping to help teachers dial in on how they can make money and feel like they were in the driver’s seat of their earning potential. It’s easy to feel like your income flow is fluctuating when you are a Pilates Instructor. Some clients are in town this week and out the next. People don’t use their packages up as quickly as planned. You may begin to feel the need to offer discount packages, special offers, or add another studio to the mix to get more clients/classes. There are ways to maximize your earnings as an instructor and not drive yourself out of business by offering discounts, teaching for less than your worth, or spending more time in your car to get to the next place.

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Tips for Retaining Your Pilates Clients

Retaining your Pilates clients is imperative and not something you should ever assume will just happen. You are great at what you do, but clients may hit a rough patch, be transferred to a location further from your studio, or their life just gets hectic and crazy. It’s important for your business that their Pilates session with you is never on the chopping block.  Aside from their personal well-being, it’s much easier to run your business when you aren’t worried about losing a client. Continue reading