Notes 2 Inspire: Always Be Generous

When you are standing in line at the coffee shop do you scroll on Instagram or do you see how you can help someone you haven’t talked to in months?

When you think of someone do you text them and see how they are doing?

When offer your products or services and are rejected do you see what they need or are looking for instead?

Checking in on people you haven’t spoken to in months or years can seem weird. But, if you pair standing in line with just sending a “hey, how is it going?” to the last person in your long, long list of text messages and just see how you can help them it’ll never seem weird. In fact, it will feel normal, it will become a habit and you will grow your network and deepen friendships.

I know, you’re busy! Me too! But, have you ever been in a position where you need something from someone from a past life and it feels strange and awkward to reach out? Yeah, me too! But, if you regularly do a little check in and see if they need anything it will never feel strange. And, you never know! Being rejected by someone doesn’t mean no to everything! They may be looking for someone who is a friend of yours and then you can generously hook them up with a e-troduction and then they may think about a friend that needs what you are offering!

Always be generous doesn’t mean do everything for other people. It means seeing how you can help others with what you already have in your strength or connections bucket so that one day when you need something it shows up on your doorstep!

Always be generous will actually allow you to spend more time thinking about what you rock and what others rock and how you can all rock together!

If you’re always being generous others will be too! Including strangers! Plus, how long does it really take to do an e-troduction?

Less time then it takes to read this blog post!

How generous can you be this week?


Social Media and Your Pilates Business

Social Media isn’t going anywhere! But, it’s a massive beast with many experts in it (more expert than I) who are also in the dark when it comes to the algorithms. So, if they don’t know when changes are happening how are you supposed to? And, is it truly necessary for your Pilates business to have a massive following, tons of likes and shares?

Yes, no and maybe so….

I know, not the most precise answer!

But, the truth is every single Pilates business is different. And, the sooner you acknowledge that your business is different than the Pilates studio down the street the sooner you will also be able to improve your Pilates business because you will stop doing what every Pilates business is doing and focus more on what rocks your Pilates business.

Do I think people need to be able to find you on social media?


Do I think you will get clients from social media? I don’t know. My Pilates business does get clients from social media. But, my friends and many, many instructors and studio owners I know do not get a single client because of their social media. I think your website and SEO is worth more than your IG following.

Do I think you need to promote your Pilates business on social media?

If you are a studio owner with multiple teachers, classes then it is something to consider. You need more than 30 people to love you. But, if you are just trying to fill your own personal schedule then I think you should spend more time in your community.

Do I think if you post and promote on social media you won’t need to promote and collaborate in person?

No! Unless you are a multi-location brand I believe you will catch more clients by being out in your own community. Telling people how you are the guide for them from where they are today to where they are going!

I have so many things to say about using social media to grow your business and so many things to say about ditching social media so you can grow your business.

So much to say that I created a webinar on the topic! And, am bringing on a guest to help me. Julie Driver is an incredible teacher who won the Next Pilates Anytime Instructor competition, beating me and many others who were posting all over the social media channels. Between the two of us, we’ll help you navigate the niceties of social Social media

We’ll be sharing tips on how to use social media (if you choose) to help get your name out and how to see if it’s working or worth your time.

Until our webinar here are three tips

  1. Know who your client is
  2. Know how you are the guide for them
  3. Know what makes taking Pilates from you unique because you are the only person who can teach the way you teach!

I would love to hear your answers!! Share them below.

See you at the webinar my friends!

Let’s find a way to use social media instead of being used by social media.


Notes 2 Inspire: Falling Happens

I fell yesterday. And, not a little slip and fall. Nope, a full-on flying of my 5’9″ body across an intersection and then a skid landing. I must say I’m so happy I do Pilates. This body did hold everything together well. I think my body was in full “swan” position. And, honestly, aside from some bruises the hardest part was getting back on the scooter that flung me off in the first place.

Think back to the last time you fell in public. Getting up was probably something you did as quickly as you could. Falling is embarrassing. But, getting back on your own two feet and taking the next step. That’s where things get a little weary. We wonder if we can trust the feet we stand on? Will we fall again? Did anyone notice? What will they think?

Falling physically is a fabulous example for life’s adventures. For the “risks” in the choices, we have to make daily. Do we do the thing we’ve done before knowing the result we will get or do we do the thing we haven’t done that may or may not work out?

And, here’s the thing. As someone who has fallen both physically and metaphorically speaking, I can’t tell you what decision to make. But, I can tell you that most of the time no one is paying that close attention. Most people even if they saw you fall just go on with their life. And, a year from now won’t even remember the fall they saw.

So, do the thing you haven’t tried! Give it a whirl. If you fall, try again. I don’t know many people who learned how to ride a bike without falling a few times.

This week, worry less about “what if you fall” and think more about what if you land!


Is it Personal When Someone Unsubscribes From Your List?

They say that your list is everything! “They” being the people who are trying to teach, coach, motivate and even sell products on how to grow your “list.” And, by list, they are talking about your newsletter list. And, I’ll be honest. I am not totally in disagreement. Your newsletter list is integral to the growth of your business whether you offer things online or in person only. Email is not dead. And, now more than ever a persons email is a worth so much more than you might think. When someone subscribes to your newsletter they are inviting you into their personal inbox. To their space to share what it is you want to share. So, is it personal when they unsubscribe?

If you don’t have a newsletter you may be getting ready to jump ship on this week’s blog. But, I truly hope you don’t. I hope you reach out to me so we can get your list started. Because, here’s the deal you do not control the algorithms of any social media platform I don’t care how good you are at hashtag’s or how many followers you have. If the rules change tomorrow your likes, comments, and even reach can disappear in a moment. But, your newsletter list is within your control.

How often you reach out to them is up to you. I would argue consistently. And consistently can be once a month, once a week or even daily. I am on a list that emails me twice a day. I actually don’t mind. I love what they send me!

But, if someone unsubscribes from your list is it personal? And, you can also insert if someone unfollows you is it personal?

Truthfully, I cannot answer that. I have seen many a people I do and don’t know subscribe and a few unsubscribe from my lists. I don’t pay attention to who unfollows me. I mean, who has the time to do that? But, every day I get an email that updates me on how many new email subscribers I get received that day and how many I lost, unsubscribed. I don’t often know why people unsubscribe. Sometimes they fill out the survey most times they don’t. But, I never ever take it personally and you shouldn’t either. Even if it is personal.

  1. Read the Four Agreements its a fabulous book that will help you rock your life and business. An easy and quick read and one of the agreements is to not take anything personally. I know this isn’t easy but what motivates people to do things is really none of my business. You and I do not have time for that anyways. You have a path you’re on and their personal attack attempts are just a distraction. Plus, you cannot reach into the internet, grab them by the hands, look them in the eye and ask “why don’t you want my emails?” And, even if you could is it really worth trying to convince someone to want or like your stuff? Nope! There are 10 more people out there who are looking for what you offer. It’s worth your time to go looking for those people and not trying to convince people who don’t want what you offer to want what you offer.
  2. Thank them for leaving! When you use a service like MailChimp, Constant Contact etc to email your list they charge you for the number of people on your list. I do not want you or even myself to pay for people who don’t want what you are offering. The more you only have people on your list who want what you got the better your open rates are the more fruitful your emails will be.
  3. So what if it is personal? Honestly, it sucks when you see someone you know leave your list. You can’t help but wonder why. But, does it really matter? Not everyone will like, love or support what you are up to. And that is ok. Like I mentioned in my self-care video on PilatesAnytime (use LLOGAN if not a member to watch) you need to know the 5 people whose opinions of you matter. You need to tell them and then if you see other people you know leave your list and they are not one of those 5 people you need to let it go. Because you have a business to run, a life to live and a “why” that won’t happen on it’s own.

I know the hardest thing in life is to not take things personally. But, sometimes we have to remember, it’s not always about us. Why they unfollowed you, left your list has a lot more to do with what they want in their life, their inbox, their goals and their business. And, while it may not be you that is a-ok. Because, as I mentioned earlier there are 10 more people who are looking for your list. So, spend more time getting your work in front of those who are looking for it and less time wondering why that person doesn’t want it. Dive deeper into articulating what you have to share. Find unique ways to get your message out to those who you want to hear it. And, worry less about those who don’t want what you have. They are not your audience.




Notes 2 Inspire: Are You Doing it For the Money?

They say to do what you love! You only live once! But, sometimes what you love doesn’t always pay the bills. But, does that mean you do something you don’t love because of the money? Does that mean you get a gig that pays the bills and then some and dabble in what you love?

I mean, what are you supposed to do if what you love doesn’t get you the money you need?

To be honest I don’t have the answer to that question. Mostly, because there are a multitude of answers depending on who you are, what you do and how much money you need/want to make.

But, what I can say is that if you are doing it solely for the money it’s not going to work out. You will not feel good selling it, talking about it or sharing it. For example, I see people trying to sell a product or course they don’t love or care for, they may have even created it but they did it for the payoff not because it fed their soul. And because of the drive behind it being the money they not only sound unauthentic it either doesn’t sell or they feel out of alignment afterward. I’m sure thats not exactly how they define it. They probably just feel like binging out on food, shopping or other libations.

They say that the further away you are from your calling the more anxiety and stress you are going to find yourself in. Why? Because you are trying to fit yourself into a hole that’s not the right size.

So, sure, you made a lot of money. But, you’re not doing what your gift is. So, then all those people who could be receiving your gift are also missing out. And, you don’t reap the benefits of giving your gift.

This week, as you decide what projects to say yes to, as you decide what tasks take precedence just ask yourself why you are doing it? If it’s for the money could you set it aside and spend 15 minutes thinking about ways doing more of what you love could be part of your life? Write down 10 ideas every day about how you could do more of what you love!

I know this sounds easier said than done. I know you may be sitting there with a mountain of bills. But, I also can say that I left a “secure” job with a salary and vacation time during the recession to be a full-time Pilates instructor. And, now, almost 10 years after leaving that job I not only pay my bills but I get paid doing what I love. The difference is I’m not doing it for the money. I do it because I love it, I feel energized after each and every day, even the long ones. I used to shop and go out more often because I “deserved it for all the work I had been doing.” But, once I started working on projects because I loved doing them and not for the security or the money they would provide my whole world shifted.

Was it easy?

Nope! And sometimes it’s still not. Tech happens, people don’t do what I expect or things don’t launch when I want. But, at the end of the day I’m doing what I was born to do. I am using my gifts. And those gifts give loads more to those I teach and coach. And, that in turn, gives back tenfold.

So, what ideas will you think up? What do you love doing? How can you do more of it?


Do You Have Your Policies and Procedures In Place?

Do you remember the first time you had to charge someone a late cancel? How did it go over? Were you nervous? Did you worry if they would quit working with you so you didn’t charge them? What about policies over cell phones, scheduling, talking during the class? Whether you are an employee, studio owner, independent contractor or group class teacher if you don’t have clear set rules and policies in place then you can’t expect clients to follow what’s not there or worse what’s there but not enforced.

The truth is no matter how hard it is, uncomfortable or weird it is to enforce a policy it’s integral to the growth and sustainability of your Pilates business. I’ll never forget the client that I lost due to another client’s constant cell phone use. I know, some of you may think that if I or any teacher this happens to were good at what they were doing then our clients wouldn’t notice the person on the reformer next to us talking on their phone. But, the truth is, it doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do. All it takes is one or two clients not listening to modifications being called out because they can’t hear the teacher due to the person next to them having a conversation and they get hurt.

While no fitness class, Pilates studio, or private session happening next to another teacher’s private session is happening in a library it’s important that the clients get the information they need to have a successful workout so they continue to come back. And, I am sure you can remember a time when a client joined a class and treated it like it was their own session. How hard was that for you the teacher? Imagine being on the other side of the footbar?

Talking and cell phone use are the least of the policy problems that can affect a business. If you or your studio is not enforcing your cancellation policy, payment policies and prices this can lead to a slippery slope that eventually devalues your business and not only causes strain and stress but it can also be the thing that takes the inspo right out from under you!

Here’s the thing about charging for late cancels whether it’s for a private or a spot in a class it’s part of maintaining the value of your work and your studios work. Daniel Stead Blanton is a fitness business coach in Los Angeles, CA who spent her time before being a fitness coach as a corporate attorney “commonly see studios that do not enforce their LC/NS policy. They are afraid of upsetting their clients and will let the client’s bad behavior slide (not charge them for no-shows, allow them to stroll into class 15-20 mins late). When management does decide to enforce timeliness and charge fees, the clients lash out because they’ve gotten away with their bad habits for so long.” 

I’ll never forget the first client I had who said: “my last Pilates instructor never charged me for late cancels.” It put me in a position where I had to defend myself, my policies and not just for me but for the future Pilates instructors this person encountered. If you listened to the latest Pilates Unfiltered Podcast episode “Words with Friends” I was interviewed in with some of my friends we discussed how if you charge what you’re worth it allows other teachers to charge what they are worth. The same goes for policies. If you enforce your policies it allows the next teacher to be able to do the same.

As instructors, studio owners, studio managers we not only teach people Pilates we also teach them how to treat us, how to value their time in our space and this not only helps them get the true benefits of Pilates but it also allows you to stay inspired, feel valued and continue to share your gift with the next client.

Danielle and I will be discussing more about How Policies and Procedures Improve the Customer Experience‘ in my next webinar on September 13th 12 pm pst (replay available for one week). To snag your spot and get a chance to ask Danielle an incredible fitness instructor, yep, someone who is actually in your studio shoes who also has experience in the legal side of things register here. 

If you cannot join us live but you have a burning question about policies, procedures client or employee/contractor wise then feel free to send them in ahead of time to me We will answer them live on the webinar.

Below is more information about this upcoming webinar and my guest, Danielle!

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you as a teacher or studio owner set your self up for success. Growing your business isn’t always about getting more clients. It’s about providing a space that allows your current clients, teachers and yourself to grow and flourish. And, as they do they will send you more awesome business of people who follow your policies and treat you with the respect you show them.


Join Danielle and LL on September 13th 12pm pst for: How Policies and Procedures Improve the Customer Experience

“The foundation of a good customer experience and a customer-centric business is a clear set of policies and procedures. Being consistent in letting your customers know what to expect from you, and in turn what you expect from them, is absolutely essential. In this webinar, we discuss common customer experience scenarios studios and online businesses face and what solutions owners can implement to address them. We encourage you to come ready to discuss customer experience issues that have arisen in your business operations so we can discuss them as well.”

Danielle Stead Blanton is a fitness business coach in Los Angeles, CA. She is a studio consultant and investor, having her hand in running the day-to-day of a successful HIIT studio. Danielle is also an ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor, specializing in teaching HIIT, Strength, and Megaformer Pilates classes. In her past life, she was a collegiate athlete turned corporate attorney, practicing corporate + real estate law for years before choosing to leave big law. She then started her own consulting agency, providing accessible legal and business services to small businesses, fitness professionals, artists, and independents.

Notes 2 Inspire: Time to Become the Captain

So, I’ve often talked about the “journey” and also our own “path” in blogs, live’s and past “notes to inspire.” And, after this blog post, I may fall into that habit again. Although, I hope that in time I will switch. Because what I heard about a month ago has stuck with me so much that I cannot shake it. Has that ever happened to you? You hear something, and the truth of it goes straight into your soul! Well, that happened to me a few weeks back. I heard a woman on a podcast say that life isn’t a journey. There is no path! And instantly I was talking back at her like she had no idea what she was talking about. And then, her voice cut through my back talk. She said it’s like being on a sailboat.

Wait what?

She continued on and my ears were hanging on every word.

After she finished I was mind blown. I almost pulled my car over, except I was running late so I kept going but I did replay her answer a few times over.

She said some people want to take the train. They get off and on at different stops. And they are more or less fine with that. Or, not fine with that but they get back on thinking the next stop will have what they are looking for. But, a path, a personal-make-your-own-way kind of path still gives the notion that there is a “way” to where you want to go. But, there is no set, specific route for a sailboat.

There is open water, there is plenty of places to stop, and the path in between is between you, the winds, the weather, and your compass.

Some days you have to hold on tight, brave the winds, the rain, the lightning, the sharks and anything else you think the world can throw at you. And other days the waters are calm, the sky is clear and you can see, off in a distance where you are trying to go.

I love this! So much!

Because it means you don’t have to worry about being on the wrong path. You just have to enjoy the waters when they are calm, whether the storms as they come in and trust your compass…your gut!

This week, there will be calm waters, open oceans and your dreams will be in the distance where you can see them. There will also be some bad weather, some choppy unchartered waters and you may want to turn back. Don’t! The weather, the choppy waters will follow you. Point your compass, hold on tight and this storm will pass.


What is the Perfect Teaching Schedule?

I was recently asked for a podcast what I wish I had known sooner. And, I said, “I wish I knew it was ok to say ‘no’ to a client session request sooner.” And, not because I didn’t want to teach. On the contrary! I absolutely LOVE teaching Pilates. And, if I had two or three of me I would teach even more than I do!  But, as far as I know, there is only one of each of us. And the beauty in that is that there are only one you and one me. And, because teaching Pilates requires more than telling people to bend and straighten their limbs. It requires you the teacher being at your best. And, so, you can’t say ‘yes’ to everyone and you can’t teach every day or hours that are not ideal for you. Not only will you exhaust yourself you will probably lose inspiration to continue teaching and that would be the worst! Because there are clients out there that only you can teach!

So, what is the perfect teaching schedule?

Is there even such a thing?

As I mentioned a briefly above I wish I had learned how to say ‘no’ because instead what I did do was say ‘yes’ to every client session that came my way. I quickly was teaching any hour I had available outside my ‘real’ job. And, one day I was able to say I could leave my salaried job and just teach Pilates. But, I was walking into a schedule that made no sense. One of my teacher friends called it the “swiss cheese schedule.” I’ll never forget talking to other teachers about the “best” hours to be available, how many hours in a day I could/should teach, and figure out what was “full-time?”

Here’s the easy and maybe even non-answer about what the “perfect” schedule is. There is no such thing as the perfect teaching schedule. Because there is no such thing as perfect. So, FREEDOM! You can teach whenever you want to teach! The tougher answer is actually in the ‘how.’ How do you create your teaching schedule?

If your answer is ‘whenever clients want sessions” then you’re not wrong…but you may be putting your clients first and your schedule last. Here’s the deal about schedules, teaching schedules are a lot like “store” or “office” hours. Every store has hours that they are open. Most businesses have set office hours. Your teaching schedule can be treated and created the same way. And, because it’s your business and life you should be the one to decide:

What days do you teach?

What hours do you teach?

How many hours a day will you allow yourself to teach?

So, if you were to take a blank calendar out and you were not to consider any clients what days would you be available for sessions? What times on those days would you be able to take clients?

This, in a nutshell, is how you create your ‘perfect’ schedule. If you are sitting there reading this and rolling your eyes are a little bit or think this might work for others but it doesn’t work for you then it’s time we have a talk! If you want to dive deeper into how to create and fill your ideal schedule you can check out our course here.

We are all different, and what works for me or the teacher at the Reformer next to you may not work for you. Some of us can teach 4 hours in a row and do 6 hours in a day. Others may need a 15-minute break every couple of clients. It’s your business, create your own teaching hours!


Questions to Ask All New Pilates Clients

When I first became a Pilates instructor I only knew to have new clients fill out the “New Client Intake Form” sign a liability release form and then do my best to show them that I and Pilates were exactly what they needed! Does that sound familiar to you? It wasn’t too long into my teaching career that I realized I needed to know even more than an intake form asked. And, while I am sure you are sitting there, reading this and nodding your head with me I should say that I’m not talking about their body.

Not that more info about their body isn’t necessary! But, for the purposes of this blog post, I’m going to talk more specifically about other things that give integral info for taking a new client into a regular client. Here are just a few that I like to ask new clients during their first session.

  1. What do they think Pilates is?
  2. Where have they done Pilates in the past?
  3. Have they ever paid for a fitness instructor before?
  4. How much time each week they can devote to doing Pilates?
  5. Why are they coming to do Pilates?
  6. What other workouts do they do and how often?
  7. When do they expect to see results

Often times these questions lead to other questions as I dive deeper into who they are, what motivates them, how strong their commitment to their body and goal is, how realistic their expectations are and more. See, I believe that in a first session clients are not going to fall madly in love with Pilates. And, while I know that it is possible, I was someone who totally did fall head over heels for Pilates halfway through my first class every client is different. Some clients are so disconnected from their bodies that they are not going to feel most of Pilates. So, rather than overcorrect them and spend time telling them everything they are doing wrong. I spend my time trying to connect to them, find out how Pilates can fit in with their life today and then potentially change it for the better.

It does require being a little more conversational and being like a detective. But, by the time their session is over, you’ll be able to confidently tell them a Pilates workout regimen that will fit in with their life and their goals. For example, if someone wants to have a full on body makeover by their wedding in 6 weeks and you find out they travel for work every other week you can confidently share with them what you are capable of doing by their wedding if they come every day they are in town. It allows you to be more honest and authoritative without being condescending. Or, if someone needs to do Pilates three times a week but they have been sharing with you that they have never paid for a fitness instructor before you’ll have that knowledge in your head. You’ll be able to say “I know that it’s a big leap to go from never working out to three times a week Pilates practice. But, your goals for coming here were ___ and your body needs more ____ so a consistent practice three times a week will help you get to your goal by ___ _. Or we can do twice a week and potentially get close to your goal by ____.”

You are a great body reader as a Pilates instructor but psychic’s and mindreaders we are not! However, by asking these questions and more you’ll be a fabulous detective that will help every person that comes looking for Pilates find the plan that works for them and for you.

For more on this subject join me on August 30th for my next webinar “Ask the right questions for Client Conversion and Client Retention.” We will be discussing how to layer these questions in, follow up questions and questions to ask after they have become a client to continue client retention.

Got a question that you like to ask? Share it with our readers by commenting below!


Notes 2 Inspire: You Don’t Have to Wait in Line

Living in LA I often drive by filming studios, clubs, bars and music venues and there are lines of people waiting to get in. I’ve seen news stories on people who camp out for movie releases, the latest iPhone or tennis shoe. And, I’m not hating on any of that. If waiting in line to get something you desire works for you then go for it.

But, one of the things I have been noticing as a common theme for many “successful” people is that not one of them waited in line for someone to let them in the front door. Some of the most famous entrepreneurs, celebrities and speakers got where they are because the line was too long so they went around to the back door or window. Steven Speilberg apparently got someone to notice his movie by getting a three-day set pass and dressing like an exec, said hi to the security guards like he knew them and made those three days last a week or so. His tenacity caught someone’s eye and that person helped him get his first movie in front of the gatekeepers and he became the youngest director.  He didn’t wait in any line.

And why should you?

Who said that you have to wait your turn?

Tell me, do you have an idea for something and desire to do it but you don’t think you’re “ready” yet? That’s your fear telling you to wait in line.

Has someone said you have a golden idea and you have to make it happen and you have a million reasons why you can’t yet? Another line.

Have you launched something and it didn’t have the impact you wanted so you moved on? Another line.

Sometimes the line moves fast and you can get in the front door. But, if there’s a back door, window or helping hand go for it!

I promise you, you’re not cutting in front of anyone by finding another way in. I know this because there is no pie of success, money or abundance. If you find success, make money or enjoy abundance it doesn’t affect my ability or anyone else’s ability to have those things too.

So, this week, skip the line and see what happens!


5 Ways to Make Time for Your Own Pilates Practice

When I was a Pilates apprentice I never worked out more in my entire life! Do you remember being a student? I swear between the Pilates sessions I took from my teacher trainer, then being a body for my fellow apprentices and the self-practice hours and mat classes I had to attend it was multiple hours a day some weeks. I was not at all prepared for life post apprentice life. I became a teacher because I loved doing Pilates. And, as a student in training I got to do so much Pilates and then I started teaching…I know I am not the only one who after finishing their program saw their Pilates practice go from many hours to few hours. In fact, this week’s blog post is inspired by the many teachers who have been asking me how to make time for their own Pilates practice. After a couple week’s of losing out on my regular Pilates practice, I realized that I had to treat myself like I treated my clients. I had to put my sessions in first. I know, easier said than done. But, here are five ways you can make sure your Pilates is a priority. And, if at the end you still think you won’t have time then I want you to hit me up. Because you cannot stay inspired if you’re not exploring Pilates in your body.

  1. Sharpie You in First: If you follow my blogs about getting clients to be consistent or have done my course “getting busy with what you’ve got” then you know how to do this. But, in short, you should schedule your life around your Pilates sessions. I know, you have no room in your schedule. Take a blank schedule and put in your favorite workout times, classes or standing session with your favorite instructor. Then schedule everyone else.
  2. Get Moving with Tech: These days there is no shortage of options. So, if you don’t live near an instructor that inspires you Skype with one. Many teachers like myself are now offering Skype, Facetime or Zoom sessions. But, when you set this up be sure to make it a standing appt so you never miss! You can also get moving with (use LLOGAN for a 30-day trial) it’s only $18/month.  My weekly online Mat classes are only $5/week and are 30 min long so no matter how busy you are you can get your Pilates on. There is also and PilatesAvatar. With all these options and at rates that are less than an almond milk latte I hope you can see I am taking your excuses away. Once you pick one or two of these tech options go back to #1 and schedule your workouts in your schedule.
  3. Workout before you respond to emails: These days there are autoresponders so if you are worried about getting back to people set up an autoresponder that says you’ll “get back to them when you’re done working out and teaching Pilates.” I promise there will always be more emails so your Pilates workout comes first.
  4. Buddy up! Grab a teacher in your studio or even a friend across the globe and have a set Pilates session time. Text or Facetime each other and hop on your separate mats or Reformers and get moving. I used to do this with my friends in high school. We would play the same exact card game and start at the same time. Then we would call each other and see who finished the game first. Now, your Pilates sessions isn’t a race but if you both have to do a 30 min Pilates session that day and if you don’t you’ll have to tell a friend that you had “too much to-do” you’re going to have to take more time out of your day to explain yourself rather than just getting your move on!
  5. Learn how to Say No: I think doing #1 is pretty easy. Writing in your Pilates workout in your weekly schedule. But, protecting it is a whole other situation. However, if you have done the work to block that hour off every week, week after week then no one should be able to take it from you unless you give it away. And, I know that sometimes it’s easier to say you’ll take them “just this one time” so that you don’t lose the money. But, why should you bend over backward for them? You’re planning your life and teaching around your sessions you can train your clients to do the exact same thing. So, while it’s so hard to say no to a client aka money your Pilates practice, body, mind, and inspiration need you to protect your time to refill your Pilates gas tank.

What’s your trick for keeping Pilates in your weekly schedule? Share it below so other teachers can benefit from it. Because the more we do Pilates the more inspired we are which makes our clients feel excited and share the joy of Pilates with their friends. And, that means, more people doing Pilates!


Notes 2 Inspire: If You Want Your Dreams to Come True

If you want your dreams to come true you have to wake up! You need to open your eyes. It’s so easy to think about what we want, to lament over not having what we want and to wish for what we want. It’s so not easy to put one foot in front of the other and make your dreams a reality.

Or is it?

Have you ever had a dream and then days, weeks or months later lived that dream? It’s the craziest thing when it happens. We often call it deja vu. But, I do think our dreams can be our own future tellers. I know that borderline on woo but it’s true. Let me tell you a story.

At the very beginning of this year, I lost my engagement ring. I cried so hard. I was inconsolable. I really couldn’t stop looking for it. One day two weeks after I lost it I was dreaming. In my dream, I kept seeing piles of rings from the designer of my ring. But none of the rings were mine. My husband was in my dream and he kept saying I could pick any ring I wanted. But, I kept looking for my ring. I left this market to join my husband and friends to go get Kippy’s ice cream. And just as we were about to leave I saw my ring in a pile. My alarm went off! I closed my eyes. I wanted to go back to this dream so badly. I wanted to see where my ring was. But, I couldn’t get back to the dream. I couldn’t see more than what I already saw. I had to get up. I had to open my eyes.

My housekeeper walked in and I said to her “Elvia, we are going to find this ring. It’s in a pile. I just saw it in a dream.” Sure enough, an hour later she found it, in a pile of toothbrushes.

I know that my ring story is nothing like the dreams we have for our lives or our businesses but I hope it shows that in your dreams is your future and you can have it if you believe and open your eyes.

What are you dreaming about? What do you want? This week, write down your dreams, see what they are telling you!