Client Referrals: Reward Your Ambassadors (2 of 4)

Welcome back to another challenge in Client Referrals. Several of you have emailed me on your progress.  Client referrals do not happen over night. Once you let yourself off the hook on the pressure to get those referrals “yesterday” you can start planting the seeds of referrals today. Continue reading

Client Referrals: How To Get Them (1 of 4)

How do I get more clients? How can I get more people to know my studio exists? What’s the best way to get client referrals? These questions are in my inbox, brought up on phone meetings and asked at my workshops. Whether you are a Pilates Instructor or Studio Owner, an inflow of clients is necessary for building your business and for maintaining consistent business. Continue reading

How to Spring Clean your Pilates Studio: Online Presence (Wk 4 of 4)

Can you control your online presence? What Google Sees? Well, Google is like a real “Mother”. You know, the Mom-that-knew-the-rules-you-broke-before-you-came-home type of mom (or maybe that was just mine). Yep, that’s Google and every other search engine out there, but Google seems to be the biggest necessary beast of them all. So, can you control what Google picks up? Continue reading

How to Spring Clean your Pilates Studio: Your SEO (Wk 3 of 4)

Are you Googleable? Yes, it’s a word! Go ahead you can double check me. According to it means “something that is able to be searched on google” or “your ability to be searched on Google”. If ever you wanted to be anything it’s to be “Googleable”. So, are you? Continue reading

How to Spring Clean Your Pilates Studio: Studio Flow (Wk 2 of 4)

Flow is a Principle of Pilates.  While you may use it specifically for planning a session. This weeks challenge is using “Flow” to Spring Clean the functionality of your studio.  Flow in your studio allows for income to flow in. Continue reading

How to Spring Clean your Pilates Studio: The Drive By (Wk 1 of 4)

It’s time to use Spring Cleaning to your Pilates business’s advantage. What happens when you drive by your own studio? What if you took your own session? How can these things keep clients on your equipment and your schedule “full”? Continue reading

When is the Best time to offer Pilates Classes?

All of these are great questions you should be asking yourself. You should also ask yourself a few others: Continue reading

How to Fill up your Pilates Classes

How do you go about filling up your classes? How did those restaurants get those tables filled? It’s all about the experience! Continue reading

Social Media… What should you do right now?

Social Media is not going away. So yes, you need it! But, do you need all of it? No. You don’t need every single form of Social Media that is available today. What you should do (and can do for nothing but your time) is reserve your name on all the popular forms of social media. Continue reading

The Number One Way to Get New Pilates Clients

It’s probably the number one question I get. How do I get more pilates clients? How should I market to get more clients? Should I pay for an ad campaign? Discount services? The best and one of the easiest ways to get new clients is really in your control. You don’t have to discount (and shouldn’t ever cut yourself) to get them either. Continue reading