Instructor Workshops, Retreats, and One-to-One Training Opportunities Are Next for Lesley Logan

In this third and final interview of a 3-part blog series, Lesley Logan, author of Profitable Pilates, offers advice to new and experienced Pilates instructors for growing their business and what comes next for Lesley Logan and Profitable Pilates. Continue reading

Getting Started With Your Own Pilates Business: How to Succeed and Pitfalls to Avoid

In this second interview of a 3-part blog series, Lesley Logan, author of Profitable Pilates, offers advice to new and experienced Pilates instructors for getting started, tips for success, and learning from mistakes. Continue reading

Profitable Pilates’ Lesley Logan Offers Online Courses to Support Pilates Instructors

Looking back over my Pilates journey, I wish there had been step-by-step guides for me to follow, targeted advice on the pitfalls to avoid, and expert tips on how to be my most successful best. I love what Pilates has done for me both personally and professionally, and I’m committed to supporting instructors like you. I want you to be set for success from Day 1 and discover ways to improve your established business.

I have created a series of short, but very detailed, video courses to help you anticipate every question and possible scenario along the development of your business path. Whether you are just starting out or want to be more profitable in your current practice, there is a course to best suit your specific needs.

Here’s a brief description of each course. Happy learning!

How to Become a Pilates Instructor

I’m so happy that you want to become a Pilates instructor. I still remember the day I made the same decision as you and how I felt (elated AND nervous!). I had so many questions:

What was I getting myself into?
What would I do after?
Where would I teach?
How much could I make?
Was this a hobby or my new career?
This free, 20-minute course is designed to help you weigh all the options, think of as many scenarios as possible, and make a well-informed decision. We discuss what a Pilates instructor is; how to become a Pilates instructor; and the questions you should be asking potential Pilates programs.

Studio Teacher or Independent Contractor

Which are you? Should you be one or the other? Can you be both? Whether you are a new instructor, well-established instructor, or somewhere in between the two, this course is for you. We cover:

What is an Independent Instructor?
What is a Studio Teacher?
Which one is best for you?
Preparing for your Interview as a Pilates Instructor

I know just how nerve wracking an interview can be. You want to nail it, make a fabulous first impression because doing so puts you one step closer to being in a Pilates studio and doing what you love most: Teaching.

This course was created to help you understand what a Pilates Interview can be, how to prepare for and rock it!

Where Can You Teach Pilates?

Maybe I should have titled this course, “All the Places You Cannot Teach Pilates,” because that list would be much smaller! After taking this course, you will better understand the traditional options available and be well prepared to go out and investigate them so that you can do what you love most: Teach!

How to Set Up Your Cancellation Policy

Yes, you need a cancellation policy. Confrontation can be hard for many instructors; I get it. We develop close relationships with our clients, and it’s difficult to charge them when they are sick, forgot, or simply got stuck in traffic. This course covers critical areas such as:

How do define what “late” is;
Why cancellation policies are integral to your business; and
How to inform and follow through with a cancellation policy.
In addition to these five courses, I’m excited to share that I’m developing three more—to be released soon:

First Time to Life Time
Teaching Your Schedule
Teaching your Vision
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Client Referrals: Identifying your Ambassadors (3 of 4)

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Client Referrals: Reward Your Ambassadors (2 of 4)

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Client Referrals: How To Get Them (1 of 4)

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How to Spring Clean your Pilates Studio: Online Presence (Wk 4 of 4)

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How to Spring Clean your Pilates Studio: Your SEO (Wk 3 of 4)

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How to Spring Clean Your Pilates Studio: Studio Flow (Wk 2 of 4)

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How to Spring Clean your Pilates Studio: The Drive By (Wk 1 of 4)

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