What is the Career Path for a Pilates Instructor?

I am often asked by those thinking of becoming a Pilates instructor what the career path is. Can you make a living teaching? Where do you teach? Many are worried they are too old to start a new career or that they don’t have enough experience to teach Pilates. When I dove into my Pilates teacher training, I actually had no career path vision. I know that might sound odd, especially if you know me. I am a visionary, a dreamer, and a doer. But I loved Pilates from my first 100 and didn’t really think of it as more than a passion. When I began my teacher training, I was hoping to teach part time, just so I could pay for my personal Pilates obsession. I then found myself on a career path that I didn’t even know existed! Continue reading

How to Maximize your Earning Potential as a Pilates Instructor

When I wrote chapter 7 “The Price is Right” for my book “Profitable Pilates: Everything but the Exercises,” I was hoping to help teachers dial in on how they can make money and feel like they were in the driver’s seat of their earning potential. It’s easy to feel like your income flow is fluctuating when you are a Pilates Instructor. Some clients are in town this week and out the next. People don’t use their packages up as quickly as planned. You may begin to feel the need to offer discount packages, special offers, or add another studio to the mix to get more clients/classes. There are ways to maximize your earnings as an instructor and not drive yourself out of business by offering discounts, teaching for less than your worth, or spending more time in your car to get to the next place.

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How to Get Pilates Business Coaching

Last week I spent a few days out in Montecito, California, at the studios of PilatesAnytime.com. In the past, I’ve visited to participate as a body when some of my favorite instructors were filming classes for their website. But on this trip, I had the pleasure to instruct some classes myself, and in just a few weeks, you’ll have a reformer and mat class to enjoy at your leisure. But, more exciting than that (in my opinion), I was able to film several Pilates business workshops for their website also! This topic is one that I am so passionate about. I realized while on my drive home at 3 am that coaching Pilates Instructors lights my fire so much I can’t even sleep! Seriously, I was filled with so much joy, excitement, and anticipation, I awoke from my dreams and could not push my excitement aside to fall back asleep. I cannot wait for you all to see the courses we put together for both Pilates instructors and studio owners. Continue reading

Are You Handling the Challenges in Your Pilates Studio?

When I speak with studio owners and managers, I often ask them what they feel their biggest challenge is. Everyone gives me a different answer – or so they think. I’ve noticed their challenges generally fall into one of two buckets: Spending too much time IN their business or too much time ON their business. (And side note, this probably means they are not giving enough “YOU time” to themselves or their own personal practice either.)

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Pilatini® Nights: A Pilates Instructor Hangout

Earlier this year I was having dinner with a couple of my girlfriends one night. We are all Pilates instructors, and we were discussing how sometimes it’s difficult to find a non-teaching outfit to wear when going out on the town. Somehow over the years of teaching, our personal style changed – but the closet didn’t.  Rewind to several years ago when I was creating my first lesleyloganpilates.com website and I was writing my bio. At the time “yogini” was the term used to describe Yogi’s. Needing a term to describe me and my love for Pilates, the word “Pilatini®” was born. I spent the time and effort to trademark it. Not the easiest thing in the world to do, and I didn’t really have a definitive plan for it yet. Continue reading

Should You Own Your Pilates Studio or Rent Space?

When I was an apprentice I remember thinking that some day I would open my own Pilates studio and call it L Logan Pilates! I had just discovered Pilates the previous year and had a mountain of learning to do, but I concretely knew my own brick-and-mortar location was just a bit further down this exciting road I was traveling. For me it wasn’t a question of should I own or should I rent. Clearly, I would own, so I created a roadmap to get there. Continue reading

How to Hire a Guest Pilates Instructor

My dearest friend and brilliant Pilates instructor, Brien Creaill, has been traveling as a guest Pilates instructor to some incredible places around this world. Recently teaching in Hong Kong and gearing up to go back to Dublin and Amsterdam, he has been able to take his love of traveling and mesh it into his teaching at his home base of Barcelona, Spain. There is a chapter in my book Profitable Pilates: Everything but the Exercises called, “Oh The Places You’ll Go!” My hope with this chapter was to inspire new instructors (and those researching) with all the different avenues they could take as an instructor. One that I didn’t explore much in the book was being a guest teacher. Continue reading

Are Your Pilates Business Systems in Place?

It goes without saying that, yes, you must know how to teach when you start your career as a Pilates instructor. But set teaching aside for a moment and think about the other parts of being a full-time Pilates instructor, like sending client invoices, collecting payment, running a team of Pilates instructors, setting policies for safety, building out your own teaching schedule, getting insurance…. Ugh! It can become overwhelming very quickly. But what if there were systems in place to help handle these situations? Continue reading

How to Achieve Your Pilates Business Goals

I talk about goals and visions all the time! I’m not the only one. There are plenty of people out there telling you to make resolutions, set goals, do visualization experiments. You’ve heard it more times then you can count. I bet you’ve even set a few here and there and achieved some or let go of others. Today, I want to talk about achieving your Pilates business goals. Continue reading

What Inspires Lesley Logan?

Inspiration can come from a lot of places. Some people go on a yoga retreat and feel inspired to do something different when they return, while others are inspired by the New Year, when they set goals and dream of what could be. Me? I find myself inspired daily – and even hourly. Sometimes I am listening (okay, eavesdropping) on a conversation, and I hear something that inspires me a few times. I know it can seem hard to believe, but I honestly love diving deeper into life. Life includes Pilates, work, hobbies, and relationships. I happen to write, podcast, and coach on each of these! Continue reading

Hiring Pilates Instructors for Your Studio

Hiring Pilates instructors to work or rent space at your studio can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Exciting because congratulations are in order—your studio business is doing so well that you need to have more teachers to keep up with demands. Overwhelming because you want to make the right decision. Continue reading

Pilates Website Tips from Web Developers

Websites, SEO, Google, Mobile Friendly (Responsive), Coding, and then Social Media! If each of those words are enough to make you want to dive back into your studio, put your head down, and just teach… I get it. Coding, web, and tech stuff can be overwhelming. However, stick with me here! If you set yourself up correctly online, the sky is the limit on what your website can do for you. As Michael Brandt from StripedRhino, one of the web developers I interviewed this week, said, “Your website is your 24/7 employee!” Continue reading