Notes 2 Inspire: Go on Airplane Mode

I am writing this from Siem Reap, Cambodia after 30 hours of traveling! I am back here to lead another Pilates retreat. This is my favorite place in the world. And, yes, it’s really far from LA and it takes at least three plane trips to get here. But, it’s absolutely worth it.

How does 30 hours of traveling and all the stress that comes with flying, customs and airports lead to this week’s “note to inspire?” Well, because it was a forced 30 hours offline.

Now, it’s not my first long haul so I was fairly prepared for slim to zero chances of being able to even text or email a friend or family member as we traveled. But I also found myself excited about it!

Even when the opportunity to get online at the airports presented itself I really couldn’t do much of anything. And, sure there were things being posted tagging me, emails coming through needing me and texts from friends and family checking in. But, nothing needed me that exact moment. Afterall, there is tomorrow.

Once I got to my hotel and was able to fully reconnect with the world. I really didn’t miss a thing. Well, I did miss a ton of things but it was ok! I was able to “catch up” and life continues on.

I was asked today “how I unplug?” And, one of the things I do every day is put my phone on silent. Another thing I do for many hours of a day is put my phone and my laptop on “Do Not Disturb.” When I am teaching, writing or doing coaching calls I cannot be distracted and even the light on my phone or hearing a buzz from the vibration of a notification can take my mind off the work I am doing. And, the work that matters to me most.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, overworked or feel like you’re being pulled in all different directions. But, the idea of “airplane mode” or “Do not disturb” gives you back all the control! You get to decide when you are going to be in reaction mode.

This week, how often can you go on “Airplane Mode?”


How to Attract More Men to Pilates

It’s only ironic to those of us in the Pilates industry that the originator of Pilates was a man, who created ‘Contrology’ for men and then it became THE workout that women love and men who are are not in the know don’t think twice about. The truth is Pilates is great for anybody, women, and men! But, one of the questions I am often asked by instructors and studio owners is how to attract more men to their Pilates studios.

For decades celebrities have been sharing their love of Pilates and that gets Pilates everywhere attention and press. And, while we teachers knew that it’s not just great for women it is amazing for men too. There wasn’t a lot of men touting its benefits.

Until recently!

For several years now many athletes have been sharing their love for Pilates as the reason they perform better! Check out these seven NFL players sharing the reasons Pilates is integral to their performance. Of course, even earlier than this article there were other pro athletes talking about Pilates being the secret weapon. And as more and more men share the benefits of Pilates more non-pro athletes are starting to look at adding Pilates to their repertoire.

But, how can you attract them to your studio? How do you get the men in your community to take your classes? And do you have to change the way you teach? All these questions and more will be answered when my client Michael Myers (you know him on IG as Michael Myers Fit). Join me live to answer your questions. Until then here are some things you can do today to help you gain more male clients.

1) What’s your Copy Say? I spend a lot of time on teachers and studios websites and the constant thing I see is benefits of Pilates that are more attractive to women than most men. Or, there is the story about being a dancer and using Pilates to rehab from injury. None of these things are wrong by the way. It’s your website and your story and you should share how it resonates with you. But, if I’m a healthy male and I see “long, lean muscles” I may not be running to your class. Consider adding blog posts and benefits your Pilates provides to potential clients. You can even have a male read it and see if it would entice him to click “book now.”

2) Men only Classes: If you already have a few male clients have a “gentlemen’s class” and let them invite the friends. The music you play, props you use and cues you give can be tailored to just them. Real Pilates in NYC has a men’s only class and Carrie Pages has a men’s only class at her studio. They are easy to market because you are speaking to a specific demographic. Which is always better than trying to talk to everyone!

3) Your Cueing: As teachers, it is easy to get in the habit of using the same imagery to describe exercises we teach often. But, some cues are fairly gendered specific. “Lift your heels like you’re standing in a high heel,” “curl where your bra strap is,” “pelvic floor” to just name a few are all cues that might make your male client, even on a subconscious level, feel like you’re not the right teacher, or worse that Pilates is not right for them. What I have found great about teaching men is that you can often say the thing you want them to do and then they will do it (I’ll explain this more when I’m joined with Michael).

4) Keep them Moving: This is actually something I believe for all healthy clients. Pilates is not always pretty and it’s not perfect. Keep them moving, safe and focus on the connections, not the ideal. They have their whole life to “get it.”

Look, it’s nothing new that Pilates is great for men and for women. And, men may not be your ideal client and that is ok! But, if you are looking to attract more men to your studio do some self-reflection. What do your website and studio say about you? Then, how do you communicate what you want your clients to do when they are working with you? These are simple things you can start with today.

If you’re looking for more join me and Michael for an hour-long conversation on attracting, challenging and retaining male clients for your Pilates business.

Got tips you want to share with our readers? Post them in the comments below!

The more people who fall in love with Pilates the better it is for all of us teachers.


PS read more about why Michael Myers does Pilates here.

Notes 2 Inspire: Life Saving, Wants and Needs

Have you ever not gotten something you really want? You know those times you go for something and you think you have it in the bag, everyone thinks ‘ it’s yours to be had and then you don’t get it? I can think back to Superbowls, Olympics, friends job interviews and my own life and see many examples of outcomes I would have bet my life on going one way only for them to go a completely different way.

And, when it’s your own life you get sad, angry and upset for hours, days or even weeks! When it’s a friend or a team you love you feel like they were robbed. Time goes by and eventually, we get beyond it. Sometimes we look back and are still bummed or even angry we didn’t get the thing we felt we wanted or even deserved.

But, then, sometimes we are granted a gift that we didn’t ask for. Other times we are given a tragic event or a life-altering disaster to deal with and we just think “why me?” And, as our story of life unravels when we look back a few of us are able to see that those moments of not getting what we want were exactly what we needed.

Let me give you some examples, I was listening to a girl talk about being young, about 20 and losing both her legs due to a virus. She was this amazingly active girl and almost lost her life. She now is on a journey that only she could have been prepared for by losing her limbs. She was on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday’s talking about it!

An author whose podcast I love to listen to was rejected by over 30 publishers before being picked up by one. His first and second book became best sellers. Then his third book made him almost quit writing altogether. In fact, he did take a pause and started a podcast. That podcast has been the #1 most lucrative thing he has ever done and he has the most fun doing it. Plus, it helped him write two more best sellers. He credits

On a more personal note, I was in a relationship that on paper was the perfect relationship. He never proposed. And, at the time I thought that was what I wanted in life, what was next and mine. Thank goodness that didn’t work out. I broke up with him, spent some time homeless, my car was totaled and the Pilates studio I rented from closed. Literally all in the same month! But, in just a few month life began to put itself on the track I was meant to be on. I met the man I now call my best friend and husband and I’m living the life I envisioned I would.

Sometimes life saves us from what we want to give us what we need.

Did you read that?

Sometimes life SAVES us from what we WANT to GIVE us what we NEED!

Next time you don’t get what you want, be grateful and begin to welcome what is to come. It’s what you need to take you where you are supposed to go.


Pilates Studio Owners: How Do Clients Purchase Classes?

But, how do clients purchase classes? In the most recent (and first ever) Pilates in America study, they discovered that the majority of class participants purchase their classes by the package. With a small percentage purchasing one class at a time. Even fewer buying into unlimited packages. When I first became a Pilates instructor I started out teaching Mat Pilates classes. I rented space in a studio, picked my times and set my own class rates. And then I set a package rate. Why? Because packages keep a client committed! And if a client is committed to coming to class then they reap the benefits of Pilates and then they continue to come package after package. Packages may seem like the way to save money for a client but they are key for client retention in your Pilates studio!

Now, at first glance, you might be like yep! But, what this information doesn’t tell us is how many people have the opportunity to buy unlimited but forgo it to purchase the packages. Or, if people are buying individual because they cannot buy a package.

So, what does all this mean for you Pilates studio owners? What should you be taking away from this bit of info?

  1. Do you offer packages for your classes? If yes, which packages are the best sellers? Which are the least sellers? I know the norm is to offer a few levels of class packages but if most people are loving your ten pack and almost no one is buying the five or 20 then why even offer them. Save yourself the time of explaining all the package types and just keep the most popular and best for your business. The few options the less confusing it is for a new client determining what to do next. If no, why? Is it a tracking issue, a platform issue or a personal choice? Clients who have packages want to use their sessions. They are less likely to check out the classes down the street if they are already in a committed package with you!
  2. Are you offering an unlimited option? What I have discovered is that an unlimited class membership while tempting for both the client and the studio there is a good chance if you don’t have the numbers to support it that you may end up paying for people to come to your classes. So, if you are offering this do a double check and make sure it’s worth it. If you are not offering it but have been contemplating keep in mind that this works great IF you have a ton of people that buy into it and many who don’t take the full advantage of coming every day and all day! This membership works great for yoga studios and gyms where they are not limited by the number of reformers in a studio or the number of towers. You may discover that a limited monthly membership is more beneficial to both you and your client.
  3. How many of your clients use their packages in a timely fashion? You may be thinking, “LL, I’ve so got this. All my peep’s buy packages!” And, I will high five you! That is great news. But, if they are buying a ten pack and only coming once a week but it takes them fifteen to twenty weeks to use that package then that is not good. The key to client retention is that they feel the benefits of coming to your studio regularly. So, are you offering enough options that allow people with big packages to use them in a timely fashion? If you are not because you cannot then maybe slightly smaller packages to keep your income consistent. Or, if you are but they seem to not be able to make it to Pilates consistently how can you incentivize them to come extra when they are going to go out of town or to use their package up by a certain time?

Pricing, packaging and class times are works of art! There is no perfect time, number or amount that I can give you. Everybody’s business is unique to them and their community. But, it’s nice to have some evidence to back up what you can do to support your business and retain your Pilates class clients. For more on filling and marketing your group classes check out my course.  Dive into your numbers and make sure they are working for you!


PS for more on client retention check out this course here.

Cómo saber qué tarifas cobrar a sus clientes de Pilates

Cuando se trata de que su negocio de Pilates sea exitoso y rentable, no siempre se trata de más clientes o más ofertas. Se trata de cobrar los precios correctos por lo que ofrecen sus servicios.

Cuando realicé mi seminario web de Group Classes y mis tarifas, flujos de ingresos y cómo elevar su webinar sobre tarifas, recibí algunas de las mismas preguntas e inquietudes. “Tengo un estudio en casa, así que creo que debería cobrar menos”. O bien, “soy un instructor sénior y un nuevo instructor en la ciudad cobra más que yo”. La verdad es que no hay una estructura de tarifas exacta que pueda darte para que puedas establecer fácilmente y con confianza tus tarifas para tu negocio de Pilates. Pero puedo darte consejos sobre cómo sumergirte en tu negocio de Pilates para establecer precios que funcionen para ti.

Al configurar su Pilates studio / business rates, tenga en cuenta:

-Cuánto entrenamiento has tenido
-Cuánto educación continua haces cada año
– Las facturas de tu estudio y escuchadas por casualidad
-La cantidad de ingresos que necesita para su vida dividida por la cantidad de horas que puede enseñar
-¿Cuál es el costo de una sesión: distancia para llegar, servicios durante esa hora, equipo, etc. Determine el costo de una sesión y luego agregue esa cantidad para cubrir su sueldo (o el salario de sus maestros), impuestos y ganancias para el futuro.
Los precios de su competidor. Por favor, no use esto como una forma de competir en el precio. Tú y tu competidor son muy diferentes. Y, los costos para ejecutar los servicios pueden ser muy diferentes. Sin embargo, necesita saber lo que están cargando sus competidores para que pueda comercializar sus cualidades únicas y resaltar las ofertas que tiene que tienen un valor agregado.
Valor percibido: cuáles son sus clientes y la percepción de los futuros clientes sobre los servicios que ofrece. ¿Qué tan inspirados están los clientes para trabajar con usted? ¿Cuánto pueden confiar en usted con las necesidades y los objetivos de su cuerpo? Este valor percibido es clave para convertir nuevos clientes (como se discutió en nuestro curso aquí).


Lo más importante que debe recordar es que le debe a usted y a su empresa dedicar tiempo a investigar y asegurarse de que sus tarifas reflejen sus ofertas, cubran sus costos, generen ganancias para que pueda hacer crecer su negocio y, lo más importante, permanezcan en los negocios.

Signos que puede necesitar para evaluar sus tarifas
No los has criado en dos años
Oyes cosas como “eres una ganga”.

Mis compañeros instructores de Pilates sus tarifas pueden ser la diferencia entre trabajar demasiado, pagar de menos y mantenerse en el negocio. A medida que elige los precios para las sesiones, ofrece mantener las opciones del paquete al mínimo. Solo proporcione los tipos de sesión que desea enseñar y asegúrese de que pueda expresar sus tasas en voz alta con confianza. Si te sientes inestable al preguntar por lo que vales llámame! Podemos trabajar juntos en esto.

Para obtener más tarifas, consulte nuestro curso Clases grupales y nuestro curso Tarifas, Ingresos y Aumento de tasas.

Los profesionales de Pilates, lo he dicho antes en mi “Nunca me disculpo” por su blog de tarifas. Y, lo diré de nuevo, eres tan digno de lo que cargas. Y, el mundo necesita instructores de Pilates, por lo que debe ser capaz de ganarse la vida haciendo lo que le gusta: la enseñanza de Pilates.

xx ~ LL

Pilates: su tono de ascensor y por qué es importante

¿Cómo describes qué es lo que haces? Estoy seguro de que has estado en una conversación similar a esta: “¿Qué haces? ¡Soy un Instructor de Pilates! He oído hablar de Pilates, pero no lo he hecho. ¿Qué es? “¿Y dices qué? Para completar su cronograma, aumentar sus ingresos y alcanzar sus objetivos comerciales de Pilates, necesita una estrategia comercial y de mercadeo. Un discurso de pilates de Pilates es una gran tesis para estas estrategias.

Estuve en una conferencia de Pilates, y había alrededor de treinta instructores de Pilates esperando los ascensores. Este huésped del hotel le preguntó a un maestro a su lado “¿están todos aquí por la misma cosa?” Ella dijo, “sí, estamos aquí para una convención de Pilates”. Lo que por supuesto provocó el “He oído hablar de Pilates. Pero, ¿qué es? “Y fue entonces cuando se congeló. No la culpo. Hay tantos maestros de pie alrededor, escuchándola cada palabra. Muchos que habían enseñado durante décadas y todos escuchaban esta conversación. Ella le dio una descripción razonablemente general no muy atractiva de lo que es Pilates.

Fue entonces cuando me di cuenta de que el problema no es que la gente no haya oído sobre Pilates es que no saben lo que es Pilates. Y mientras muchos discutirían conmigo que debido a que los instructores de Pilates no pueden ponerse de acuerdo sobre qué Pilates es, el público no puede ponerse de acuerdo sobre qué es Pilates. No creo que ese sea el problema. En absoluto. Porque el público no sabe que los profesores no siempre están de acuerdo con lo que es Pilates. El público no sabe qué es Pilates porque los profesores no nos explican qué es Pilates para nosotros, con nosotros y cómo les ayuda en nuestros mercados individuales.

Para que atraigas más clientes, para completar tus clases y estudio, no necesitas que la comunidad de Pilates esté de acuerdo con lo que es Pilates. Debes saber qué es Pilates en tu estudio. ¿Qué les encanta, odia y beneficia a los clientes que vienen a sus clases y sesiones de Pilates? ¿Qué es lo que haces para tus estudiantes? O bien, ¿qué es lo que quieres hacer por tus alumnos? Necesitas un Pitch Elevator de Pilates.

¡Estas respuestas son la base de mi próximo seminario web! Si desea estar entusiasmado cuando mira su agenda, inspirado por sus alumnos, atrae clientes que lo valoran y lo que hace, este seminario web es esencial para crear ese negocio. Si se pregunta cómo conseguir que la persona que camina por su estudio o en su sitio web diga YASS, me reserve mañana y aquí está mi tarjeta de crédito para un paquete de diez, entonces necesita elevarse como persona, y los clientes del estudio son atraído a.

Este no es un seminario web que requiera que suba en los elevadores o hable con extraños después (aunque espero que se sienta más seguro cuando surjan esas situaciones). Este no es un seminario en línea sobre estar en las redes sociales más (después de todo, muchas veces solo estás hablando con más instructores de Pilates). Este seminario web se trata de elevar su valor, su singularidad y darle las herramientas y ayudarle a articular en sus propias palabras lo que Pilates es con USTED. Por qué eres el maestro para sus necesidades (lo que también los ayudará a darse cuenta si no eres la persona adecuada para ellos).

Es hora de enfocarse en promover los beneficios de hacer Pilates con usted; es hora de elevar lo que haces para tus clientes y futuros clientes.

Es hora de USTED Elevated!

¿Qué cosas desea que los potenciales clientes en su área supieran sobre usted y su Pilates?

¿Por qué quieres enseñar?

¿Cómo es usted único en lo que hace y cómo lo hace? Nota al margen: esto no significa que tenga que reinventar la rueda. Todos somos humanos únicos. Cómo enseñas los mismos ejercicios que enseño es único para ti. ¿Cuáles son esas cualidades diferenciadoras?

¿Son estas respuestas en su sitio web, en publicaciones de blogs, en cómo describe lo que hace cuando está en una fiesta o en línea para tomar un café? Estas respuestas y algunas más que discutiremos en el webinar lo ayudarán a crear su propia presentación personal de ascensores que lo ayudará a comercializar y promover su negocio de Pilates sin venderse de una manera que le resulte incómoda.

xx ~ LL

PD, haga clic aquí para registrarse en su lugar para el siguiente seminario web. Vamos a desglosar cómo mostrarle a USTED y elevar la forma en que construye el negocio que desea. Taller de una hora de vida y repetir bien por una semana.

5 beneficios de la educación continua para Pilates

Una vez que terminé mi primer entrenamiento integral de Pilates, sabía que tenía mucha más educación continua frente a mí. Había aprendido más de 600 horas de Pilates, pero mi enseñanza y mis ojos aún eran jóvenes. En ese momento, no había mucha (si la hay) educación en línea sobre Pilates. Entonces, cada vez que veía un taller en mi área, estaba allí. Alrededor de un año después de mi docencia, dos conferencias y cinco talleres más tarde me detuve en pequeños talleres y me inscribí en un programa de capacitación de maestros. Luego, después de eso, fui aceptado en otro programa de maestría con un estudiante de Joseph Pilates Jay Grimes.

Debo admitir que tomé mucha educación continua. Y, posiblemente un poco demasiado. Pero, después de cambiar a los programas de maestría, me volví más exigente con toda mi educación continua y la canalicé hacia lo que amo enseñar y ahora me ayuda para lo que se me conoce como profesor.

Como mencioné anteriormente, cuando comencé a tomar talleres de educación continua, tomé todo lo que había en la ciudad. Entonces me di cuenta de que necesitaba entender lo que ya sabía mejor. Mi primer programa de maestría en el Centro de Pilates me ayudó a hacerlo. Un par de años más tarde y publicar una pierna rota, quería aprender más Pilates para mi cuerpo. Esto ha ayudado a mi enseñanza enormemente.

Cuando hablo con nuevos instructores, les animo a que continúen con la educación de Pilates. No siempre o incluso tiene que saber cuál es su nicho de intereses desde el principio. Los clientes que atraigas te ayudarán a descubrir lo que necesitas saber más como nuevo maestro. Entonces, como profesor con más experiencia, puede que te encuentres buscando talleres específicos, ¡incluso talleres de pilates fuera de Pilates!

5 beneficios de continuar tu educación Pilates

Inspiración: es fácil quedar atrapado en un “paseo de lo mismo” y olvidar TODAS las opciones que tenemos como instructores de Pilates. Además, después de enseñar a los clientes a volver a aprender, algunos de los ejercicios básicos pueden ser reveladores y hacer que quieras volver a sumergirte en ellos con más entusiasmo.
Networking: Hacer crecer tus amistades con los maestros de Pilates es clave para crecer como maestro. Incluso si estos amigos se convierten en amigos virtuales y viven lejos. Las amistades que hice de mis dos programas de maestría me han dado algunos de mis mejores amigos en la vida. Y es fácil sentirse solo en su estudio, como si fuera el único que está pasando por lo que está pasando. Pero, luego te acercas a tus amigos de Pilates y te apoyo y te alientan.
Nicheing out: No tienes que ser el maestro de todas las cosas Pilates. Puedes convertirte en el mejor profesor de Pilates para un tipo de cliente o ser súper conocido para un grupo específico de humanos. Y mientras que anunciar puede parecer que estás diciendo no a futuros clientes, en realidad te permite atraer a tu cliente ideal y ser muy conocido por eso. ¿Todavía estás preocupado? Mira mis cursos de Becoming Known and Attracting New Clients.
Ah-ha Momentos: alguna vez se preguntó por qué existe un ejercicio? O tal vez nunca lo “entendiste” durante tu entrenamiento. Entonces te encuentras evitando enseñarlo y hacerlo. Un taller puede desglosarlo para usted y usted puede disfrutar de ¡ah-ha momento después de ah-ha momento!
Encuentre un mentor: he tenido un par de mentores en mi carrera de Pilates ahora. Todo vino de tomar un taller de ellos que me llevó a tomar sesiones regulares con ellos. ¡Nunca sabrá todo lo que hay que saber y eso debería sentirse bien! Pero eso no significa que dejes de aprender. Al tener sesiones regulares con un instructor que lo inspire, su educación crecerá aún más y no tendrá que esperar que se programe un taller para hacerlo. Lo sé, hablé sobre la importancia de tener un maestro ya este mes ¡pero tenía que recordártelo!
Antes de que se agote y se inscriba para recibir más educación continuada, tengamos una lista de verificación para usted. Recientemente, en un episodio de Pilates Sin filtro con Jenna Zaffino, mencionó que podrías esperar para inscribirte en el taller sobre el “dedo gordo del pie” si no has dedicado el tiempo para aprender y usar lo que ya sabes. Y, estoy completamente de acuerdo con ella. No quiero que te excedas y luego te sientas quebrado y confundido.

¿Este taller ayudará a profundizar lo que ya sabes?
¿Este curso te ayudará a enseñar a los clientes que tienes?
¿Ya tiene (o tiene acceso a) el equipo en el que se encuentra este taller?
¿Ya usaste la información de tu educación pasada?
¿Cuál es tu por qué? ¿Se ha tomado el tiempo para preguntar ¿POR QUÉ quiere y necesita tomar este taller? ¿La respuesta pasa las preguntas 1-3?

¿Cuál es tu por qué? ¿Se ha tomado el tiempo para preguntar ¿POR QUÉ quiere y necesita tomar este taller? ¿La respuesta pasa las preguntas 1-3?
Ahora que estás listo para continuar con la educación Pilates, ¿dónde deberías tomarla? ¿Y con quién? Bueno, la belleza de la educación continua hoy es que puedes asistir a una conferencia como la Pilates Method Alliance en octubre, Momentum Fest en junio, talleres en tu área o incluso en línea. Pilates Anytime tiene excelentes talleres en línea y estaré transmitiendo un webinar esta semana para elevar su negocio de Pilates. Además, hay cursos que están en mi sitio web aquí para cuando esté listo.

¿No estoy seguro de quién sacar? Mira las clases de PilatesAnytime. Si le gusta cómo enseña un maestro, búsquelos y vea cuándo están enseñando un taller. Tal vez hagas unas vacaciones de Pilates.

Y, por último, como mencioné anteriormente, también puede desafiarse a sí mismo y continuar su educación fuera de Pilates. Tomo clases de khmer, español y comedia. Todos me han ayudado en mi enseñanza de Pilates (aunque ese no era el objetivo original). El punto es que enseñar Pilates es increíble, cómo afecta a cada cuerpo es único y cómo ves Pilates en un cuerpo es único para ti. Continúa expandiendo tu mente y tus habilidades y disfrutarás enseñando Pilates en los próximos años y podrás seguir creciendo y desafiando a tus clientes durante años.

xx ~ LL


use LLOGAN para una prueba de Pilates Anytime de 30 días

usa MomentumLesley para $ off Momentum Fest

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Notes 2 Inspire: What’s Your Favorite Failure?

Well, my friends, I failed to realize that yesterday was Thursday. Which means I am so a day late on my #thoughtfulthursday “Notes 2 Inspire” posting day. I had this awesome note of inspo planned but I am saving it for another day. Because I have always wanted to ask you what your favorite failure is?

I can’t remember what interviewer asks all their interviewee’s what their favorite failure is. But, it’s probably Oprah. She always has those perfectly unique questions that get you thinking.

You may be wondering why you even need to share your failures. I mean, they can be super embarrassing. But, I have noticed that after time goes by some of the failures that sent me reeling for my covers and hoping people would just forget my name were integral in my successes.

Here are a few of my failures:

  1. Forgetting Thursday ha! It’s not a huge deal but I hate being late for anything I commit to. However, it lets me share this question with you
  2. Dating the wrong person for too long. Best experience ever in setting me up for the person I am today and for preparing me for the best partner in crime I could ever ask for!
  3. accepting promotions that were not in line with my goals. All those jobs I did because it was so nice to be promoted and paid more set me up to help so many others
  4. Not hitting monetary goals in my past jobs. Doing all I could do and not getting what I wanted or was expected of me forced me to get creative, to think outside the box and to realize when it was time for a new path.
  5. Commercial acting…I booked a few right away and thought that I had this new side hustle in the bag. But, then I started not booking any of my auditions. I went through a couple acting classes and then just took a break from it all. I really felt like I wasted so much time I could have been spending on my other projects. But, actually, my PilateAnytime classes, Youtube videos, and my online mat classes are so much better because of the commercial training I did.

Moral of this week’s Note 2 Inspire…everything happens for a reason. And, you don’t really know something is bad. Just wait, the next chapter might reveal something wonderful because of the failure.

So, what are your favorite failures? Share them here or at the very least write them down for yourself!


5 Benefits of Continuing Education for Pilates

Once I finished my first comprehensive Pilates training I knew that I had so much more continuing education in front of me. I had learned 600+ hours of Pilates but my teaching and eyes were still young.  At the time there was not much (if any) online Pilates education. So, whenever I saw a workshop in my area I was there. About a year into my teaching,  two conferences and five workshops later I took a pause on small workshops and signed up for a masters training program. Then after that, I was accepted into another masters program with a student of Joseph Pilates Jay Grimes.

I will admit I took a lot of continuing education. And, possibly a little too much. But, after I switched to the master’s programs I became more picky about all of my continuing education and funneled it towards what I love to teach and now it helps me for what I am known for as a teacher.

As I mentioned above, when I first started taking continuing education workshops I took whatever was in town. Then I realized I needed to understand what I already knew better. My first master’s program at The Pilates Center helped me do that. A couple years later and post a broken leg I wanted to learn Pilates for my body more. This has helped my teaching tremendously.

When I talk to new instructors I encourage them to take continuing Pilates education. You don’t always or even have to know what your niche or interests are from the get-go. The clients you attract will help you figure out what you need to know more as a new teacher. Then as a more experienced teacher, you may find yourself searching for specific workshops, maybe even Pilates workshops outside Pilates!

5 Benefits of continuing your Pilates education

  1. Inspiration: it’s easy to get stuck in a “walk-of-the-same” and forget ALL the options we have as Pilates instructors. Plus, after teaching clients re-learning some of the basic exercises can be eye-opening and make you want to dive back into them with more zest!
  2. Networking: Growing your Pilates teacher friendships is key to growing as a teacher. Even if these friends become virtual friends and live distances away. The friendships I have made from my two master’s programs have given me some of my best friends in life. And, it’s easy to feel alone in your studio, like you’re the only one going through what you are going through. But, then you reach out to your Pilates buddies and wah-lah you are supported and encouraged.
  3. Nicheing out: You don’t have to be the master of all the things Pilates. You can become the best Pilates teacher for one type of client or get super known for a specific group of humans. And while niching out may feel like you’re saying no to future clients it actually allows you to attract your ideal client and become super known for that. Still worried? Check out my Becoming Known and Attracting New Clients courses.
  4. Ah-ha Moments: ever wonder why an exercise exists? Or, maybe you just never “got it” during your training. So you find yourself avoiding teaching it and doing it. A workshop can break it down for you and you get to enjoy ah-ha moment after ah-ha moment!
  5. Find a mentor: I have had a couple mentors in my Pilates career now. All came from taking a workshop from them that lead to me taking regular sessions with them. You will never know all there is to know and that should feel good! But, that doesn’t mean you stop learning. By having regular sessions with an instructor that inspires you your education will grow even more and you don’t have to wait for a workshop to be scheduled to do that! I know, I spoke about the importance of having a teacher already this month but had to remind you!

Before you run out and sign up for more continuing education lets have a checklist for you. Recently in an episode of Pilates Unfiltered with Jenna Zaffino, she mentioned that you might wait on signing up for the workshop about the “big toe” if you haven’t spent the time to learn and use what you already know. And, I completely agree with her. I don’t want you to overdo it and then feel broke and confused.

  1. Will this workshop help deepen what you already know?
  2. Is this course going to help you teach the clients you have?
  3. Do you already have (or have access to) the equipment this workshop is on?
  4. Have you used the information from your past education yet?
  5. What’s your why? Have you taken the time to ask WHY you want and need to take this workshop? Does the answer pass questions 1-3?

Now that you are ready to take some continuing Pilates education where should you take it? And with whom? Well, the beauty of continuing education today is that you can go to a conference like the Pilates Method Alliance in October, Momentum Fest in June, workshops in your area or even online! Pilates Anytime has great online workshops and I’ll be streaming a webinar this week on elevating your Pilates business. Plus, there are courses that are on my website here for whenever you are ready.

Not sure who to take from? Check out PilatesAnytime’s classes. If you like how a teacher teaches look them up and see when they are teaching a workshop next. Maybe you make a Pilates vacation out of it.

And finally, as I mentioned above you can also challenge yourself and continue your education outside of Pilates. I take Khmer, Spanish and Comedy classes. All have helped me in my Pilates teaching (even though that wasn’t the original goal). The point is that teaching Pilates is amazing, how it affects each body is unique and how you see Pilates in a body is unique to you. Continue to expand your mind and your abilities and you’ll enjoy teaching Pilates for years to come and you’ll be able to continue to grow and challenge your clients for years.



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Notes 2 Inspire: You are Ready Enough!

When I was little I would hear things like “when you are older” or “not yet.” And then, I found myself saying “I’m not ready yet.” Or, “when this happens then I’ll do this thing over here.” I found myself holding myself back from the opportunities I wanted because I wasn’t “ready enough.” You know, because there is some sort of line to wait in and there is some person who deems us ready!

Wait, what?! You mean there isn’t some person who tells you when it’s your turn? You can do your thing in your way, the way that rocks your world?


Maya Angelou said something on Oprah’s Super Soul and it was something like “You do the best you can until you know better and then you do better.”

Wherever you are in your life, whatever you want to be doing, you are ready enough. And, you will do your thing the best you can, you will learn, succeed, fail and do it again.

You are ready enough!

There is no line, my friends, there is no person who will grant you the permission you are looking for except yourself.

Yep, you are the person who can give you permission to slay.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I love birthdays! On my 30th birthday I remember thinking, whose life is this? That thought rocked my soul. Within weeks I flipped my life around. I stopped waiting to be ready and put myself in situations where I had to be ready enough. Five years later and here I am. Ready enough for what is to come.

This week, what will you be ready enough to do?


Pilates: Your Elevator Pitch & Why It’s Important

How do you describe what it is that you do? I’m sure you’ve been in a conversation that goes similarly to this “What do you do? I’m a Pilates Instructor! I’ve heard of Pilates, but I haven’t done it. What is it?” And you say what? To fill your schedule, increase your income and reach your Pilates business goals you need a business and marketing strategy. A Pilates elevator pitch is a great thesis for these strategies.

I was at a Pilates conference, and there were about thirty Pilates instructors waiting for the elevators. This hotel guest asked a teacher next to him “are you all here for the same thing?” She said, “yes, we are here for a Pilates convention.” Which of course prompted the “I’ve heard of Pilates. But what is it?” And that’s when she froze. I don’t blame her. There are so many teachers standing around, listening to her every word. Many who had been teaching for decades and everyone was listening to this conversation. She gave him a reasonably general not very attractive description of what Pilates is.

It was then that I realized the problem is not that people haven’t heard about Pilates is that they don’t know what Pilates is. And while many would argue with me that because Pilates instructors cannot agree on what Pilates is the public cannot agree on what Pilates is. I don’t think that is the issue. At all. Because the public doesn’t know that teachers do not always agree on what is Pilates. The public doesn’t know what Pilates is because we teachers are not explaining what Pilates is to us, with us and how it helps them in our individual markets.

For you to attract more clients, to fill your classes and studio you don’t need the Pilates community to agree with what Pilates is.  You need to know what Pilates is in your studio. What do clients who come to your Pilates classes and sessions love, hate and benefit from? What is it that you do for your students? Or, what is it that you want to do for your students? You need a Pilates Elevator Pitch.

These answers are the basis for my next webinar! If you want to be excited when you look at your schedule, inspired by your students, attracting clients who value you and what you do then this webinar is integral to creating that business. If you find yourself wondering how to get the person who is walking by your studio or on your website to say YASS, book me tomorrow and here’s my credit card for a ten pack then you need to elevate yourself as the person, and studio clients are attracted to.

This is not a webinar requiring you to ride elevators or talk to strangers after (although I hope you feel more confident when those situations come up). This is not a webinar about being on social media more (after all many times you’re just talking to more Pilates instructors). This webinar is about elevating your value, your uniqueness and giving you the tools and helping you articulate in your own words what Pilates is with YOU! Why you are the teacher for their needs (which will also help them realize if you are not the person for them).

It’s time to focus on promoting the benefits of doing Pilates with you; it’s time to elevate what you do for your clients and future clients.

It’s time for YOU Elevated!

What things do you wish the potential clients in your area knew about you and your Pilates?

Why do you want to teach?

How are you unique in what you do and how you do it? Side note: this doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. We are all unique humans. How you teach the same exercises I teach is unique to you. What are those differentiating qualities?

Are these answers on your website, in blog posts, in how you describe what you do when you are at a party or in line for coffee? These answers plus a few more we will discuss in the webinar will help you create your own personal elevator pitch that will help you market and promote your Pilates business without selling yourself in a way that feels uncomfortable.


PS click here to register for your spot for the next webinar. We will be breaking down how to show off YOU and elevate how you build the business that you desire. One hour life workshop and replay good for one week.

Notes 2 Inspire: 3 Reasons Why

Have you ever started a project only to get halfway through and hit a roadblock? Or, maybe you got all the way to the very end of the project and found your efforts derailed?

I know I have found myself so excited about a project, goal, webinar or workshop and then found out how big the project is or hit a tech issue or some sort of barrier to completing my desire. There have been many times when that wall drops down and I’ve thought about quitting, postponing or just want to scream!

But, recently I started writing down three reasons why I want to do any new goal or project. Three reasons why this idea must come to fruition. Then when the going gets tough I simply pull out the original idea or goal and read the three reasons why I wanted to do this in the first place.

If I still believe in those reasons I find a solution rather quickly. The route might be different than I anticipated but the desire is still there. If I don’t have those reasons or the reasons no longer matter it lets me know that maybe this goal or project is not needed or necessary today. And, it’s always ok to check a goal off as finished if you no longer want or need it.

So, what are you working on? Or, what do you want to be working on? Maybe your goals for this year are getting off to a rough start. Write them down again and next to the goals/projects write three reasons why you want to do them.

What are your three reasons why?