Notes 2 Inspire: Getting Comfortable with Discomfort

I heard Tony Robbins share this, “the quality of your life is determined by the level of uncertainty you can live with.” Gonna get honest with you. Ten years ago I would have rolled my eyes at that. Actually, maybe 12 years ago I would have. Because ten years ago, during a recession, I quit my bi-monthly paycheck with benefits, vacation time and commission to be a Pilates instructor. Yep, during a time when people were canceling their water deliveries, cable, gym memberships and more I decided to go into a business that is still seen as a luxury for many. Pilates.

Was I freaked out…sure! I thought I knew where my life was going. I was certain the life I was going to live was one filled with travel, jewelry, great persons and fashion. But, that’s the thing about the universe. She likes to be the one in charge. And, so instead of continuing down the path, I knew I chose the door that opened and shined a light on me.

See, I couldn’t know what was to come because I had no clue what the Pilates world was. Just that I loved doing Pilates and I was being called. That calling was towards my purpose. The path I thought I was so certain about was getting more and more negative and comfortable. I could absolutely have stayed and gone around the circle of fun, fashion and nasty. Or, I could go to the path of uncertainty yet attractiveness.

Over the last decade anytime I felt like I knew what was ahead of me I would see two doors. One door was what I thought I knew. The guarantee. The other door was uncertainty and the gamble.

The walk of the same isn’t awful. It has its highs and lows just like all of life. But, the walk of same is a guarantee, you know what’s going to happen, you know the end to that story. It’s safe and sometimes necessary. But, behind the door of uncertainty is growth, your next level and the treasure of getting past the fear of the unknown.

When setting this years goals, this month’s intentions and what I’ll be doing tomorrow the more I lean into what feels uncertain the more I know I’m doing my purpose. It’s not the easiest choice. But it’s the one that lights my soul!

This week, in just one area, where can you go towards uncertainty?


Creating a Community, Collaboration and Why it’s Better Together!

The age-old saying “two minds are better than one” and other phrases ” it’s better together” are not just random woo quotes. They are said and offered as advice because there is so much truth to their meaning. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if I did it all alone. I had to create a community. I had to ask for help. I had to collaborate with other amazing humans.

After a weekend talking tribes and following your purpose I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you all how important having a community helps you on your journey.

See, if it wasn’t for the suggestions and support of a few women over ten years ago I wouldn’t be a Pilates instructor. If it wasn’t for my first Pilates boss asking me a question I wouldn’t be coaching the business side of Pilates. If it wasn’t for my current tribe of strong women I would have no one to high five me, hold me accountable to my own goals and even help me see I can do bigger things that I set out to do.

Mastermind groups, Tribes, accountability partners and friends who want the best for you are essential is this world. I think the universe purposefully made it so that you can only go so far on your own.

We were all given strengths. Areas we rock the best. And, the opposite of strengths isn’t weakness but areas that just don’t vibe with us. But, those areas are someone else’s strength!

When I choose a partner in crime on a project I don’t just pick someone who thinks like me or is absolutely in love with all that I do. Living in Los Angeles I have seen what too many “yes” people get you. I partner with people who are excited about what I am about to do but who can come at it with a whole other box of tools.

I was listening to Lori Harder and Lewis Howes talk about their mastermind group. And, she shared her goals with the group and Lewis’ response was how can you double that? Her gut instinct would have been similar to mine. Double it!? I thought that goal was great and that’s all I can do. But, then the mind clears. How could she double it? A network, tribe, mastermind or accountability partner doesn’t just go “Yay!” for you they help you do more, think about it from a different perspective and challenge you to do more.

Currently, I have a couple collaboration partners. I have a tribe and I have a coach. My tribe is there for wins, losses and random life moments. My collab partners have helped me do projects that without them I might not have done or wouldn’t have had the same effect. And, my coach is integral in helping me get out of my head and onto my path. Just like when I coach teachers, as a coach I’m not in the ditches, I get a bird’s eye view. My coach isn’t at my sea level, she’s on a mountaintop and able to guide me. We all need someone or in my case someones who help us make our magic happen.

Are you looking for a community? Do you wish your network helped you grow more? Who is in your tribe?

This coming year I’ve got several offerings for you to help you find the people you need! This Sunday 2 pm pst Andrea Maida is joining me for one of my Pila-Tequila Talks and we are talking collaborations! I’ve got a webinar all about building a network coming up soon. Be sure you’re on the newsletter list or join Agency to see it and check out the roundtable I am leading at the next Pilates Method Alliance gathering in October.

A community doesn’t build over night. But, over time trust and growth are possible and because of this beautiful opportunities arise.

Are you ready?


Notes 2 Inspire: How Quick Do You Recover?

Life’s a roller coaster! I swear, good stuff happens and then sometimes it feels like in the next second something is ripped from me or goes so wrong. For example, I was enjoying the high I received while at the bliss project with Lori Harder. And then, I came home and found out that an email did kick off the way it was supposed to. And, that email was to go out to a ton of people who had just signed up for information. I was annoyed, bummed, frustrated and could feel this overwhelming urge to just lose it all. To go to that feeling that “nothing” goes “right.” Are you with me? Have you been there?

Well, I took a moment and got some real perspective. It’s an email. And, sure that email and most emails are important for my business to continue to run, for me to pay my bills and more importantly to continue to do what I love which I feel is my purpose. But, I’m not a heart surgeon. I can be “late” on this. AND! The reality is no one knew (until now) that I was late.

I’m sharing this story with you because it is so important that we recognize that the stuff is gonna hit the fan. And, more often than we want. But, it is in balance. And, if we take stock of the situation and focus on moving forward we will have more time to enjoy the good stuff that is happening. If I had gone to that place of feeling like nothing goes right I would have probably started to list all the things in the past week, month, year that had not gone right. Omitting all the stuff that had gone right or better than I could have imagined. Forgetting all the things that didn’t go as planned but in fact, went better!

Feeling your feelings is important! But, letting them take the driver seat and going on a detour from your path just means that it’ll take you longer to get to the good stuff. I’ve listened to many people interviewed and they all shared stories about how a quicker recovery was integral to their success. Actor Vince Vaughn shared on a podcast with Tim Ferris that if he didn’t get a part he would take a whole week off. But that week really turned into two weeks because it would take him a few days to get back in the groove. Two weeks less spent towards rocking his goals.

Things won’t go your way all the time. That is a guarantee. But, how quickly you recover will guarantee you getting to your good stuff!

So, this week, how quickly will you recover?

Notes 2 Inspire: Awareness not Obsession

Competition is key. It can be healthy and a good thing. But, if you find yourself obsessed with the competition than we’ve got a problem.

Your competition keeps you on your toes. If you had no competition there may not be a sense of urgency or drive to grow, change, educate yourself and get creative. Don’t believe me? I’ve seen it! I’ve seen studios where they are the only studio in town and while that seems like a good thing the big complaint I get is the feeling of loneliness, boredom or just the overall feeling of “is this all there is?”

What would Google or Apple be today if they didn’t have their competition to force them to push themselves to the limits?

Knowing who your competition is key.

Understanding where you rock and where they rock is even more integral. Becuase you cannot be them and they cannot be you there will be areas where you soar, standout and shine! Having the ability to step back and see the similarities and the differences and then using that information to level up yourself is using your competition to your benefit.

Obsessing over what they are doing, the mistakes, the strengths and constantly comparing yourself to them will hurt you. You’ll make decisions that are reactive or worse because you are constantly watching what they are doing you may lose sight of your own journey and then begin chasing them on theirs. Why would you want to be on their path?

This week, get honest with who your competition is. Be thankful you have it. Be honest with where you slay and where they are stronger. Write out your goals and how you can use your strengths to get there. Keep them in your peripheral vision and out of your mind’s eye.

Rock what you got! You’re the only YOU


How to Talk Less and Teach Your Clients More!

When I first learned how to teach Pilates I was provided with a framework on what say for the first rep, second rep, and third rep. And, while that framework was great for me as a  newbie instructor I soon realized that all those words did not add up to teaching my client anything. It’s easy as Pilates instructors to think we have to cue, correct and talk a lot to help our clients “get” Pilates. But, what if you could talk less and your clients could learn even more?

In a recent interview I did with Breathe Educations Raphael Bender I shared a story about how Jay Grimes told me and my fellow Work crew how you cannot “talk” Pilates into a client. That a clients body will be the best teacher for them. And, how our job is to provide them with the exercises that will allow their body to connect, move and grow stronger.

I know for me, when I heard this, I was slightly skeptical. But, then after practicing it as a teacher, I realized that not only did I have more energy after a day of clients my clients felt that the workout was automatically harder. One client even thought I was “mad at them” because he felt like I had anti-upped their workout. I hadn’t. It was the same workout as the week before. The only thing I did differently was start them off on the exercise and then asked them to feel something while they moved. I didn’t give them any other corrections or cues.

Since that session, we haven’t gone back to the old ways of me guiding them through every rep.

How do you know you might be talking too much? 

Well, there are a few signs. One, they get confused from rep three and four, they don’t “get” or “feel” the exercise and the last one is my favorite. They come in telling you something you have been trying to tell them for years!

I had a client that I had been telling for a couple years how to stand up straight only to just let it go when I decided to stop “talking” Pilates into my client’s bodies. One day she came in and showed me how she discovered to stand up straight on her own. It was all the cues I had been giving her for years. She finally was ready to do it on her own. And, her body was at a place of strength, ability, and coordination to do the thing.

So, how can you try to incorporate talking less and allowing them to feel more?

  1. Ask them a question? What can they try to discover on their own while they move?
  2. Allow it to be ugly. Safe but ugly. Don’t correct their bodies to make them look like they are doing the exercise. Looks can be deceiving. It can look like a Teaser but they can be totally in their quads and lower back and not their center at all.
  3. What other exercises around the room can teach the concept of the exercise you are trying to correct. Or, trying to teach them. I never teach Horseback on the Reformer until they are doing Spine Stretch, Arm Circles, Side Splits, Standing Arm Springs, and Push-down. All of those exercises have key elements of Horseback on the reformer. So, when they go to do the horseback I can ask them for more push down or more teaser or more side splits.
  4. Give them permission to take ownership of their workout and remember their exercises. Think up daily life activities that an exercise help them do and encourage them to think about them as they are out and about. They will be so excited when they are out doing their life and they can call upon their Pilates that they’ll want to dive into it, even more, to see what other activities get easier.

Why does talking less help your clients?

  1. When you take one sensory away the others step up a notch. If they are not constantly trying to do whatever you say the mind and touch sensors will pick up the slack and connect quicker.
  2. Clients will always try to appease you and do what you say and will get frustrated with themselves and Pilates when they feel they cannot do what you are asking. If you let their bodies see what they can take each exercise your client will feel more successful.
  3. On their own, they will be more inclined to do their Pilates homework because they won’t have you coaching them through as a crutch.
  4. Their body is smart, and given the chance to be its own captain it will step up!

How can do begin to incorporate this into your next session?

  1. Start small. Don’t go from talking every rep to being silent and miming. Instead, see how much they can do an exercise without your coaching. Maybe talk every other rep.
  2. Think about your client and think about the exercises they struggle with the most. Then give them other exercises that could teach them at the beginning of the session. Then call upon what they felt in those exercises throughout the rest of their session.
  3. When in doubt about what to say try “Keep Going.” And, just see what happens.
  4. Self check-When you work yourself out how much are you correcting every move you make? Try to talk half as much the next time.

Change takes time. Whether you are trying to change how you teach and talk or how a client does an exercise. Pilates is a practice and they have their whole life to “get it.” So, give them the freedom to make some errors along the way. Give them permission to move. Give yourself credit for all that you know and get creative with what your client needs to do the exercises you want them to do.

For more on this stay tuned for an upcoming webinar or check out a mini-course on this topic. Or, if you’re wanting more training on this contact me here and we can do some personal training and observation on your teaching. In the meantime enjoy saying few words and watching Pilates teach more.


Notes 2 Inspire: You can do Anything. But…

I have done a few different interviews in the last week and they have all included a question about “how do I do it all?” And, the truth is I don’t. But, I have tricks up my sleeve for figuring out how to do all the things.

  1. Know what my strengths are and do those things
  2. Hire/Delegate things that are my weaknesses to that fall into others strengths.
  3. Do what lights my fire and let go of what doesn’t.

But, then I was listening to Pilates Unfiltered and Pilates Nerd Karen Ellis referenced the David Allen quote “You can do anything! But, you cannot do everything.”

I love this! And, especially while I am in Siem Reap, Cambodia I’m 15 hours ahead of my local time, and I only have a few things handy. Plus, I am leading a Pilates Retreat. I cannot do all the things I always do and really cannot do everything that needs to get done.

Giving myself permission to do anything but not everything is key to being present and letting go.

This week, what will you give up to someone else, give up entirely and what will you keep for yourself?


PS I’ll be back in LA the week of the 25th, London Mid March and back here in Siem Reap in November. Which is good practice for doing anything I want but not everything I want or need.



Teaching Pilates Part-Time: Have Your Cake & Eat it Too!

When I first became a Pilates instructor my original intention was to keep my “desk job.” Technically, I was a manager of a high-end women’s boutique but you get what I mean. I loved working in retail. I had the best clients and I loved my co-workers. But, I also loved teaching Pilates. I wanted to do both, at least for awhile. I wanted to have my cake and eat it too!

I’m often asked if it’s possible to make a living teaching Pilates full-time. But, I think it’s important to share that you can keep your “day job” and teach Pilates on the side.

In fact, if you look at the recent Pilates in America study you’ll find that the majority of Pilates teachers are part-time teachers. Now, some of these teachers may be part-time because they have another job and others because their family life only allows for part-time teaching availability.

Let’s talk about how you can have a successful side Pilates business and not work 24/7!

1) Know your availability: It’s important that you don’t work 24/7 when Pilates is a part-time business. I know it’s hard to say no to a client and no to money but if you want to continue to enjoy teaching Pilates you need to set and maintain an ideal schedule and only offer those times. Don’t lose the love you have by overworking, check out how to maintain your sanity here and create your ideal schedule here.

2) Get clear on who your client is: This is key no matter how many hours you teach. But, even more, necessary for a teacher who also has to work somewhere else. Think about who can come to sessions when you’re free to teach? What do these people do and where else do they go shopping, life etc. It’s important that you don’t waste your free time marketing to clients that aren’t right for when you can teach. Attracting the right clients for you is key to filling the part-time hours you have available.

3) Know your Why: Why do you want to keep your “desk job” and why you want to teach Pilates? There will be weeks when one or the other is driving you mad. If you have written down why you love your “day job” and why Teaching Pilates is important for you it will help you from tossing out the “cake.”

4) Maintain your Pilates practice! It’s easy to let work and teaching Pilates take over your time and then there is no time for YOU! Maintain your sanity by having your Pilates session on your calendar first. For more self-care tips check out my Pilates Anytime tutorial and why all teachers should have a teacher.

5) Don’t overindulge in the continuing education: But, do get continuing education. When you work and teach Pilates your time is limited. Focus your continuing education on what will help the clients you have today! It’s easy to want to take all the Pilates workshops that come up. But, if you’re spending all your Pilates dollars on sessions and education you may stretch yourself too thin. Or, if you don’t you may feel like you should be and then worried about not doing enough. Be intentional about what you take and it will continue to help you grow, retain your clients and stay inspired.

6) Have your systems in place: How do people schedule, cancel, pay you? What’s the process to do these things? What policies do you have in place? Can any or all of it be automated? The more you are not working in your Pilates business the easier it will be to maintain your Pilates business.

To sum it up, You can have your cake and eat it too! You can teach Pilates and keep your “day job.” You can teach Pilates when you want to teach. And, if you feel like you’re teaching too much then here’s some help for you.


Notes 2 Inspire: Go on Airplane Mode

I am writing this from Siem Reap, Cambodia after 30 hours of traveling! I am back here to lead another Pilates retreat. This is my favorite place in the world. And, yes, it’s really far from LA and it takes at least three plane trips to get here. But, it’s absolutely worth it.

How does 30 hours of traveling and all the stress that comes with flying, customs and airports lead to this week’s “note to inspire?” Well, because it was a forced 30 hours offline.

Now, it’s not my first long haul so I was fairly prepared for slim to zero chances of being able to even text or email a friend or family member as we traveled. But I also found myself excited about it!

Even when the opportunity to get online at the airports presented itself I really couldn’t do much of anything. And, sure there were things being posted tagging me, emails coming through needing me and texts from friends and family checking in. But, nothing needed me that exact moment. Afterall, there is tomorrow.

Once I got to my hotel and was able to fully reconnect with the world. I really didn’t miss a thing. Well, I did miss a ton of things but it was ok! I was able to “catch up” and life continues on.

I was asked today “how I unplug?” And, one of the things I do every day is put my phone on silent. Another thing I do for many hours of a day is put my phone and my laptop on “Do Not Disturb.” When I am teaching, writing or doing coaching calls I cannot be distracted and even the light on my phone or hearing a buzz from the vibration of a notification can take my mind off the work I am doing. And, the work that matters to me most.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, overworked or feel like you’re being pulled in all different directions. But, the idea of “airplane mode” or “Do not disturb” gives you back all the control! You get to decide when you are going to be in reaction mode.

This week, how often can you go on “Airplane Mode?”


How to Attract More Men to Pilates

It’s only ironic to those of us in the Pilates industry that the originator of Pilates was a man, who created ‘Contrology’ for men and then it became THE workout that women love and men who are are not in the know don’t think twice about. The truth is Pilates is great for anybody, women, and men! But, one of the questions I am often asked by instructors and studio owners is how to attract more men to their Pilates studios.

For decades celebrities have been sharing their love of Pilates and that gets Pilates everywhere attention and press. And, while we teachers knew that it’s not just great for women it is amazing for men too. There wasn’t a lot of men touting its benefits.

Until recently!

For several years now many athletes have been sharing their love for Pilates as the reason they perform better! Check out these seven NFL players sharing the reasons Pilates is integral to their performance. Of course, even earlier than this article there were other pro athletes talking about Pilates being the secret weapon. And as more and more men share the benefits of Pilates more non-pro athletes are starting to look at adding Pilates to their repertoire.

But, how can you attract them to your studio? How do you get the men in your community to take your classes? And do you have to change the way you teach? All these questions and more will be answered when my client Michael Myers (you know him on IG as Michael Myers Fit). Join me live to answer your questions. Until then here are some things you can do today to help you gain more male clients.

1) What’s your Copy Say? I spend a lot of time on teachers and studios websites and the constant thing I see is benefits of Pilates that are more attractive to women than most men. Or, there is the story about being a dancer and using Pilates to rehab from injury. None of these things are wrong by the way. It’s your website and your story and you should share how it resonates with you. But, if I’m a healthy male and I see “long, lean muscles” I may not be running to your class. Consider adding blog posts and benefits your Pilates provides to potential clients. You can even have a male read it and see if it would entice him to click “book now.”

2) Men only Classes: If you already have a few male clients have a “gentlemen’s class” and let them invite the friends. The music you play, props you use and cues you give can be tailored to just them. Real Pilates in NYC has a men’s only class and Carrie Pages has a men’s only class at her studio. They are easy to market because you are speaking to a specific demographic. Which is always better than trying to talk to everyone!

3) Your Cueing: As teachers, it is easy to get in the habit of using the same imagery to describe exercises we teach often. But, some cues are fairly gendered specific. “Lift your heels like you’re standing in a high heel,” “curl where your bra strap is,” “pelvic floor” to just name a few are all cues that might make your male client, even on a subconscious level, feel like you’re not the right teacher, or worse that Pilates is not right for them. What I have found great about teaching men is that you can often say the thing you want them to do and then they will do it (I’ll explain this more when I’m joined with Michael).

4) Keep them Moving: This is actually something I believe for all healthy clients. Pilates is not always pretty and it’s not perfect. Keep them moving, safe and focus on the connections, not the ideal. They have their whole life to “get it.”

Look, it’s nothing new that Pilates is great for men and for women. And, men may not be your ideal client and that is ok! But, if you are looking to attract more men to your studio do some self-reflection. What do your website and studio say about you? Then, how do you communicate what you want your clients to do when they are working with you? These are simple things you can start with today.

If you’re looking for more join me and Michael for an hour-long conversation on attracting, challenging and retaining male clients for your Pilates business.

Got tips you want to share with our readers? Post them in the comments below!

The more people who fall in love with Pilates the better it is for all of us teachers.


PS read more about why Michael Myers does Pilates here.

Notes 2 Inspire: Life Saving, Wants and Needs

Have you ever not gotten something you really want? You know those times you go for something and you think you have it in the bag, everyone thinks ‘ it’s yours to be had and then you don’t get it? I can think back to Superbowls, Olympics, friends job interviews and my own life and see many examples of outcomes I would have bet my life on going one way only for them to go a completely different way.

And, when it’s your own life you get sad, angry and upset for hours, days or even weeks! When it’s a friend or a team you love you feel like they were robbed. Time goes by and eventually, we get beyond it. Sometimes we look back and are still bummed or even angry we didn’t get the thing we felt we wanted or even deserved.

But, then, sometimes we are granted a gift that we didn’t ask for. Other times we are given a tragic event or a life-altering disaster to deal with and we just think “why me?” And, as our story of life unravels when we look back a few of us are able to see that those moments of not getting what we want were exactly what we needed.

Let me give you some examples, I was listening to a girl talk about being young, about 20 and losing both her legs due to a virus. She was this amazingly active girl and almost lost her life. She now is on a journey that only she could have been prepared for by losing her limbs. She was on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday’s talking about it!

An author whose podcast I love to listen to was rejected by over 30 publishers before being picked up by one. His first and second book became best sellers. Then his third book made him almost quit writing altogether. In fact, he did take a pause and started a podcast. That podcast has been the #1 most lucrative thing he has ever done and he has the most fun doing it. Plus, it helped him write two more best sellers. He credits

On a more personal note, I was in a relationship that on paper was the perfect relationship. He never proposed. And, at the time I thought that was what I wanted in life, what was next and mine. Thank goodness that didn’t work out. I broke up with him, spent some time homeless, my car was totaled and the Pilates studio I rented from closed. Literally all in the same month! But, in just a few month life began to put itself on the track I was meant to be on. I met the man I now call my best friend and husband and I’m living the life I envisioned I would.

Sometimes life saves us from what we want to give us what we need.

Did you read that?

Sometimes life SAVES us from what we WANT to GIVE us what we NEED!

Next time you don’t get what you want, be grateful and begin to welcome what is to come. It’s what you need to take you where you are supposed to go.


Pilates Studio Owners: How Do Clients Purchase Classes?

But, how do clients purchase classes? In the most recent (and first ever) Pilates in America study, they discovered that the majority of class participants purchase their classes by the package. With a small percentage purchasing one class at a time. Even fewer buying into unlimited packages. When I first became a Pilates instructor I started out teaching Mat Pilates classes. I rented space in a studio, picked my times and set my own class rates. And then I set a package rate. Why? Because packages keep a client committed! And if a client is committed to coming to class then they reap the benefits of Pilates and then they continue to come package after package. Packages may seem like the way to save money for a client but they are key for client retention in your Pilates studio!

Now, at first glance, you might be like yep! But, what this information doesn’t tell us is how many people have the opportunity to buy unlimited but forgo it to purchase the packages. Or, if people are buying individual because they cannot buy a package.

So, what does all this mean for you Pilates studio owners? What should you be taking away from this bit of info?

  1. Do you offer packages for your classes? If yes, which packages are the best sellers? Which are the least sellers? I know the norm is to offer a few levels of class packages but if most people are loving your ten pack and almost no one is buying the five or 20 then why even offer them. Save yourself the time of explaining all the package types and just keep the most popular and best for your business. The few options the less confusing it is for a new client determining what to do next. If no, why? Is it a tracking issue, a platform issue or a personal choice? Clients who have packages want to use their sessions. They are less likely to check out the classes down the street if they are already in a committed package with you!
  2. Are you offering an unlimited option? What I have discovered is that an unlimited class membership while tempting for both the client and the studio there is a good chance if you don’t have the numbers to support it that you may end up paying for people to come to your classes. So, if you are offering this do a double check and make sure it’s worth it. If you are not offering it but have been contemplating keep in mind that this works great IF you have a ton of people that buy into it and many who don’t take the full advantage of coming every day and all day! This membership works great for yoga studios and gyms where they are not limited by the number of reformers in a studio or the number of towers. You may discover that a limited monthly membership is more beneficial to both you and your client.
  3. How many of your clients use their packages in a timely fashion? You may be thinking, “LL, I’ve so got this. All my peep’s buy packages!” And, I will high five you! That is great news. But, if they are buying a ten pack and only coming once a week but it takes them fifteen to twenty weeks to use that package then that is not good. The key to client retention is that they feel the benefits of coming to your studio regularly. So, are you offering enough options that allow people with big packages to use them in a timely fashion? If you are not because you cannot then maybe slightly smaller packages to keep your income consistent. Or, if you are but they seem to not be able to make it to Pilates consistently how can you incentivize them to come extra when they are going to go out of town or to use their package up by a certain time?

Pricing, packaging and class times are works of art! There is no perfect time, number or amount that I can give you. Everybody’s business is unique to them and their community. But, it’s nice to have some evidence to back up what you can do to support your business and retain your Pilates class clients. For more on filling and marketing your group classes check out my course.  Dive into your numbers and make sure they are working for you!


PS for more on client retention check out this course here.

Notes 2 Inspire: What’s Your Favorite Failure?

Well, my friends, I failed to realize that yesterday was Thursday. Which means I am so a day late on my #thoughtfulthursday “Notes 2 Inspire” posting day. I had this awesome note of inspo planned but I am saving it for another day. Because I have always wanted to ask you what your favorite failure is?

I can’t remember what interviewer asks all their interviewee’s what their favorite failure is. But, it’s probably Oprah. She always has those perfectly unique questions that get you thinking.

You may be wondering why you even need to share your failures. I mean, they can be super embarrassing. But, I have noticed that after time goes by some of the failures that sent me reeling for my covers and hoping people would just forget my name were integral in my successes.

Here are a few of my failures:

  1. Forgetting Thursday ha! It’s not a huge deal but I hate being late for anything I commit to. However, it lets me share this question with you
  2. Dating the wrong person for too long. Best experience ever in setting me up for the person I am today and for preparing me for the best partner in crime I could ever ask for!
  3. accepting promotions that were not in line with my goals. All those jobs I did because it was so nice to be promoted and paid more set me up to help so many others
  4. Not hitting monetary goals in my past jobs. Doing all I could do and not getting what I wanted or was expected of me forced me to get creative, to think outside the box and to realize when it was time for a new path.
  5. Commercial acting…I booked a few right away and thought that I had this new side hustle in the bag. But, then I started not booking any of my auditions. I went through a couple acting classes and then just took a break from it all. I really felt like I wasted so much time I could have been spending on my other projects. But, actually, my PilateAnytime classes, Youtube videos, and my online mat classes are so much better because of the commercial training I did.

Moral of this week’s Note 2 Inspire…everything happens for a reason. And, you don’t really know something is bad. Just wait, the next chapter might reveal something wonderful because of the failure.

So, what are your favorite failures? Share them here or at the very least write them down for yourself!